Monday 30 May 2011

Toadstools and Cupcakes

The bank holiday hasn't been too bad - I managed to spend lots of time with friends and family, and that has been good fun!  It's just the alone times in between that have been a bit tough...

Anyway, no point moaning on about it.  (I am currently playing "Lonely" by Akon on my laptop while I type this... hmn maybe I'm wallowing in misery!  Although the fact that I'm doing this is actually making me laugh... it is a tad comical!)  Maybe next I'll find "All By Myself" and will do a Bridget Jones...

Anyway!!  It was my friend Anna's birthday last week - I made her this card:

I'm actually really pleased with that card - I made it months ago, before I even started blogging - just got sudden inspiration and had to make it for Anna, even though it was well in advance.

And I made her this cupcake lavender bag:

It seemed to have been well received!

"Lonely... I'm so lonely... I have nobody to call my own......."  (My new ringtone??!!)


  1. Ok, man troubles? This may sound a bit cliche, but seriously, you just haven't met 'the one'. I have total faith in fate. Why? After a 13 year relationship with my ex-husband he decided he was pushing 30 and hadn't achieved anything yet (apparently I was holding him back - even though I had achieved a BEd hons degree and a good career in that time!) I was at my lowest when I bumped into a friend who I hadn't seen in 14 years and who I believed had moved far away. Sadly, he was at his lowest too as his mother had just died and he had come back to Cornwall to try and 'find himself'. Instead he found me! Neither of us were supposed to be where we bumped into each other. In fact, he had been so depressed he had rarely left his flat for 6 months. A friend had persuaded him to go out for a drink and my plans to go out had changed venue at the last minute but for no apparent reason. So we met and within 9 months I was divorced and pregnant (a little unexpected surprise)! We have absolutely no regrets. It all felt so right and now we are married and have two children. I never imagined my life could have changed so very quickly.
    I hope I haven't bored you to death! There is a moral to my very LONG story, you really never know what fete has waiting for you just around the corner. Keep smiling (I would so love to see that Bridget Jones impression though!).
    Becky x

  2. Oh sweetie, hope all the lovely comments on your blog are keeping you going.

    On a lighter note, may I suggest S Club 7 - Reach For The Stars as alternative listening?? Way too cheesy for day to day listening but guaranteed to put a smile on your face (and in my case, get you moving!!) LOL :)

    Love love LOVE the cupcake lavender bag, that pink fabric is fab!

    Lots of hugs

    Rhi x x

  3. Yay it worked, thanks honey! Hope all is ok xx

  4. Love your makes and chin up on the alone'll miss it when you don't have it anymore :) x


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