Wednesday 25 May 2011

New Baby Gifts

Right, I'm back and I'm going to be cheery!  Firstly, I'll briefly say what has happened (because if I read a post like my last post, I'd want to know what had happened - maybe I'm just nosy!)

I just want to say thanks for the kind supportive comments, they were lovely to receive.  Rohan and I have broken up, after five happy years together.  We had different incompatible dreams, and we'd been ignoring that issue as we were so happy together.  We had to finally stop ignoring it and face facts.  It was a mutual decision, but a pretty devastating one.

Anyway - no more about that - no more moaning and being depressed - we are here for crafty news!

My lovely friend Anna had a baby about a month ago... these are the handmade gifts I gave her:

Handmade card:

Little knitted duck (did look a bit like a snowman at one point while it was in progress... but think the duck-ness got there in the end!):

A keyring with the initial of the new baby - can be hung in the nursery, or on the changing bag, etc:

And his big sister's initial:

I think they all went down well!


  1. They are gorgeous honey! I love them all but the duck is adorable! Thanks again for my wonderful gifts today I was sooo delighted I can't tell you!
    Hugs to you
    Kandi xxxxx

  2. What a cute ensemble! Very creative, just adorable!

  3. I don't often venture away from being a dedicated Blog Lurker ... but today I'd like to give you a blog hug!
    You're so brave to share your news and it's always a tough decision on a share or not to share???
    I don't have any pearls of wisdom to bore you with, but I'm thinking of you, Sarah xxx
    PS the duck is super cute!!

  4. I am sorry to hear about your breaking up. I bet that crafting the gorgeous things you make has been a great help. :)
    Lots of hugs.xx

  5. We love them all!Big sister has not let go of her "A" yet! Thank you so much! Lovely to see you also!


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