Sunday 27 January 2013


Well, thank you so much for the lovely comments about Sammy the Snake!  Much appreciated, as always!

What have I been up to in January?  Well...

... I am now on the border of the Waterlily Blanket!!  It's been a long time coming!  Nearly there now - I hope to show it off fully before long!  (All ends from the squares are sewn in, which was NOT a fun job!  There were soooooo many!)

My new Christmas funky wellies got their first trip out in the snow last weekend!  That was a walk out to the local shop to get a few snacks - during which we found some daffodils reduced to 40p...

I plonked them in a jar, and tied some ribbon round - simple but pretty.  They lasted for days as well, not bad for 40p!  (I didn't leave them on the floor - was just trying to get a picture with some decent light on them, and no junk in the background, ha!)

I baked some cookies while it snowed outside...

Cookies and tea - yum!

I used this recipe and they came out really well!

I must also show off this mug, which was a Christmas present from my Gran.  I love it!

It's a Dunoon one, fine bone china.  It's just so pretty!

Bye for now... better carry on with that border!!!

Friday 18 January 2013

Knitted Stripy Snake - Ta Dah!!

Hello!  Here is something I finished in December, for my nephew for Christmas...

A huge long snake!!  I am sooo pleased with it!

He's got two buttons for each eye, and a red felt tongue.  Around his neck is a knitted red bow-tie... what a smart snake!

And here is the star picture of the snake.... with the little angel....!!

I love that picture!  Gorgeous!

That gives a better idea of the size.  And this shows it off even more, around my brother's neck...

And... oh no!!  Maybe Sammy isn't such a nice snake after all... he's attacking my Dad!!!

(I wonder how many Christmas drinks had been consumed at that point?!?!  We know how to have fun with craft!!)

By the way, thanks for the comments on my Zebra Hat - I am working on writing the pattern for it!

Saturday 5 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Thanks for all the lovely comments during 2012 - I always love to read them.  Thanks also to anyone who follows or reads my blog, whether you comment or not!

Here is a post of bits and bobs from Christmas...

Ornamental bowls - so pretty.

One is missing as it's in my bedroom with some jewellery in it...

In there is a gorgeous button bracelet made for me by my friend Anna... thanks again!

Picture taken from Number Eleven Blog.

Mine is the aqua one.  I stole that picture from her blog post here.  (I hope you don't mind, Anna - it was a better picture than I could have taken!)  Check out her post - there are some very cute crochet owls too!  Oh, and she's just finished the Yummy Blanket - so have a look here - it's lovely.  (We all love crochet blankets!)

What else... lovely East of India Buttons and Ribbons...

And some PiP Studio china!  A combination of birthday and Christmas presents are below...

That's all for now!

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