Tuesday 3 May 2011

Fabric Notice-board

Well, it was the first day back at work today, after my lovely 11 day break.  Hearing that alarm clock this morning was no fun!  The day wasn't too bad, though, and at least it's only a four day week this week!

Back in March I showed you a glimpse of the notice-board I had made and said I would one day show you the full thing.  Well, the time has come!

Unfortunately I don't have elegant fancy things pinned/pegged to it - I'm just not that classy!

To make it... I bought a normal cork notice-board, and (with Rohan's help!) removed the top of the frame to remove the cork part.  I covered that with the pink spotty fabric, and the two strips of green ribbon, and we put the frame back together around it.  I used a hot glue gun to attach the little silver pegs to the ribbon.  This way things can be pegged to the board in the top section, or pinned on the bottom section with my home-made fabric covered drawing pins!

I love my pins!  There are a few more there than I showed you last time.  A bit more of a multi-coloured bunch!  (I also make bigger fabric-covered magnets for fridges or magnetic notice-boards, which you can see/buy here.  There are some pretty colour combinations available).

I wasn't sure whether to paint the frame.  I haven't done, but it might be something I do at some point!


  1. Hi - I am new follower to your blog and love the notice board and pins. Sue x

  2. Looks fab!

    And you're welcome for mentioning your blog in my post today. You gave me the idea for doing the button swap, so thanks to you too!

    Rhi x

  3. Hi,another new follower, love the notice board!


  4. Hi Maria,

    The notice board worked out so well. I noticed your tickets for shrek!! Looking forward to it.

    See you soon.

    Love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Your notice board is soo pretty, really love your little covered pins and magnets they are adorable!
    Don't worry about the swap I've done a few now I'll help you along the way :) You don't have an email address in your profile so if you email me we I can get my thinking cap on.
    Kandi x

  6. I think it looks lovely, and thankyou for telling how to make it - i have a rather shabby cork board which needs an overhaul - have painted the frame but never got round to covering the cork with fabric.


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