Wednesday 26 August 2015

Book Reviews - July

I didn't finish any books in June, so there were no book reviews for that month.  My reading (along with my crafting!) has been pretty slow-going lately.

I did finish one book in July, though.  I started it in May, so it took a while, due to other things going on in my life.

- Mark Billingham

I don't think I got fully into this book, due to how long it took me to read and what with everything else going on.  But that's no fault of the book!

The story revolves around a young woman who has been attacked and left in a coma, unable to move or communicate.  However, she can still see, hear, think and feel.  Other women have been attacked in a similar way, but have been killed.  DI Tom Thorne is on the case to find the person responsible, and communicating with the girl in the coma could be the key to cracking the case.

I do think it was a good book, but perhaps didn't enjoy it as much as a few I had read previously.  I'm not sure I quite warmed to the characters.  I think it's worth a read, but didn't leave me that excited.  Although, again, it might be due to my lack of focus when reading it.

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Tuesday 4 August 2015

Operation: Get My Act Together!

Hi everyone, and thanks for the very kind comments on my last post regarding my breakup.  I really appreciate your thoughts and consideration - you are a lovely lot.  I have finally got round to replying to each one, here on the blog, as well as your comments on the few posts before which were outstanding.

Now... as the title of this post suggests... I need to start getting my shi act together!  The breakup was six and a half weeks ago, and the Lumberjack moved out a week and a half ago, once he'd sorted somewhere to live.  As I said things are pleasant and amicable, so there is no nastiness or any issues there.  I'm actually doing fine, but when I'm not seeing friends or family, I have a tendency to become a bit of a vegetable.  I'm not moping or anything, just being extremely lazy!!  I just can't be bothered to get anything done.  So, that's gotta stop!  Here is the plan...

1. Get Creating Again

a. Pick up this cross stitch again... I started it years ago!

b. Make some progress with my cotton stripy blanket, and get those ends sewn in.  I had been sewing them in as I went, but let it slide a bit.  I started this blanket in September 2013 and am yet to reach the two thirds mark - need to get a move on!

c. Perhaps start (and finish!) some smaller makes, for some quick wins.

2. Get Organised

a. Finally get the craft room in a fit state to be both used and shown here on the blog!  It has become a bit of a dumping ground, and I have to tip-toe through the layer of clutter on the floor to get anything!  I will show you pictures, to shame myself into acting!  (In theory...!)

Lucky enough to have a craft room and yet I have treated it like this - bad bad me!

b. Sort out paperwork which is currently piling up in various places, and try to keep on top of it.

3. Decorate

a.  The conservatory.  It needs tidying, organising, decorating, and furnishing... then maybe I can start to sit in it before it becomes too cold and wintery!  It is a junk/DIY room at the moment, as you can see...

b. The Utility Nook - you saw a sneak peak here.  I need to finish it!

c. The downstairs toilet - I won't scare you with a picture!

Hmm... perhaps this list is pretty ambitious - to go from doing nothing to all this!  Well, we'll see how I get on - I'll keep you updated on Operation 'Get My Act Together'!

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