Saturday 21 May 2011

Look what I got!!

We're currently up in Oxford visiting Rohan's parents, and I brought my button swap goodies up with me to take photos, as I've been a bit busy lately, and I didn't know when else I'd get chance!  Didn't want to keep you waiting!!  :o)

As mentioned in my last post, the swap was organised by Lemonade Kitty, and my lovely swap partner was Kandipandi - who sent me the most gorgeous things!

**  Colourful button bag:

Button Bag, adorned with buttons
Beautiful bead detail on the button bag zip

And what was in the bag?  Buttons...!

**  Cute bird brooch, with button detail:

**  The cutest little lavender-filled mouse (Kandi knew I'd seen it in her folksy shop and loved it!)  Isn't he just adorable?!:

**  You could see the gorgeous handmade box in my last post... look at the lovely buttons printed on the box!... what was inside it?!  Lift the little felt lid (even the felt lid, complete with handle, was so exciting!) and there was a gorgeous colourful button charm bracelet!!:

I'm wearing it right now!

(Not sure if I look a bit deformed in this picture - my wrist is to the right, and the start of my hand to the left.  I couldn't figure which way round it was when I first looked at the photo, and thought my hand was a weirdly deformed arm, and wondered why I'd never noticed how oddly shaped my arm is!!!!  Then I figured it out... phew - I'm normal!)  ish!  ;o)

**  A beautiful pastel felt lavender heart, covered in lovely buttons.  I love it all, but I think this might be my favourite!!:

It looks even better in real life - so pretty!!

**  A pretty button and ribbon kit:

**  Even more gorgeous buttons, so beautifully presented:

**  Some yummy chocolate buttons (mmm mmm!):

**  And a lovely handmade button card - so pretty!!

Wow... wasn't I lucky???!!!  It was the most wonderful fun to receive this package and find all these lovely things!  Everything is made so well, and presented so beautifully!  I'm so grateful to Kandi - I really am so pleased with it all!!

I only hope that my swap gifts for Kandi will match up to these!!


  1. WOW! Lucky girl! Those are all lovely! I love the little heart!

    C x

  2. I'm so glad you liked it! Looking forward to your package too, don't go mad though!
    Kandi x

  3. Your swap things are lovely! I bet you're really glad you joined in :)

    Also, well done Kandi those items are so thoughtful and well made.

    Rhi x

  4. Wow! What amazing gifts. Every time I thought I had come to the end there was yet more! Kandipandi has made and gathered for you such lovely items which are presented beautifully. I am kicking myself for not being brave enough to join in this swap! Lucky you!!!
    Becky x

  5. I love the bracelet! So colourful for summer! Do you know where she gets her buttons?


  6. Hi! I just hopped over from KandiPandi's website. Your button bounty looks fab, you've been spoiled rotten. The buttons on the cards look so pretty - I wouldn't want to take them off - just frame them lol. (I love buttons and am gutted I missed hearing about this fab swap!)

    Sew Ray Me

  7. Such lovely gifts and beautifully made. I love your african flower and will definately have a go at making one for myself. Melanie x

  8. Wow, what lovely things you received, I love the button bracelet, so colourful. Thanks for taking part in the swap, Lucey x


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