Wednesday 1 June 2011

African Flower Runner

I'm back on the African Flowers!  I'm making a runner out of African Flowers joined together.

I've stopped at three at the moment, because I need to figure out the exact pattern of the runner - where each colour combination will go.  I'm not very good at doing random patterns - I need to have a plan, system and formula!!!

[EDITED TO ADD: Check out the finished African Flower item here!]

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  1. These are looking fab! I love the colour combination lots :) looking forward to seeing it grow.

    Jo x

  2. Nothing like a bit of crochet to take your mind off things! I knew we hadn't seen the last of your lovely african flowers! A runner is a great idea and just like you I like to plan out a design as leaving it to chance can often backfire. Lovely colour choice, really vibrant - it will be beautiful.
    Becky x

  3. Can't wait to see your runner all done! :)

  4. Love those vibrant colours in your table runner - it will be gorgeous when finished. May have to take up crocheting sometime soon!

  5. These are lovely, I may give them a go when my granny blanket it done (though seeing as I have yet to even buy the wool, that may be sometime yet!) xxx

  6. What a great site! I really like the colours you are using for this. I love those little pink parcels too with the dinky dots stickers and ribbon. I would like to open one! ;)


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