Monday 27 August 2012

One A Day...

Well firstly - thanks for all the great comments on the shawlette and flower brooch - I'm glad it seems to be liked.  I know I shouldn't say it, but I'm kind of looking forward to the weather getting a bit cooler, so I can wear it!

I got a bit of a bargain yesterday - found a discounted Susie Watson Pudding Pot - down from £9.25 to £4.60.  Well, I decided I needed it in my life!

It's pretty small - about 5.5cm tall, with an 8cm diameter at the top, getting smaller towards the bottom.  It's called a pudding pot.  Now, I don't know about you, but I like my puddings somewhat bigger than would fit in this pot!!  I propose to use it for looking at, and enjoying it's prettiness... :o)

I've been making a bit of progress with my Waterlily Blanket lately.

I'm now up to 29 of 81 squares done!  A few days ago, I set myself a challenge of doing one a day until I'd finished.  That would mean all the squares would be done on the 17th October (which seems ages away!).  Also - I think that might be a bit hopeful really, as it's quite hard to find the time.  I need to somehow get ahead, so it doesn't matter if I have the odd day where I don't do one.  What with working, and occasionally having a life, I'm not always going to have the time (not to mention the inclination!) to get a square done.  Well, we'll see.  I haven't done today's yet - so maybe I'd better crack on!

I hope you've all had a lovely bank holiday weekend!

Thursday 16 August 2012

Crochet Rose Brooch - Ta-Dah!

Thanks for all the shawlette love - I always enjoy reading your comments!  Well... the crocheted brooch has been made.  As Kandi said... what better excuse to make a crocheted flower!

Here it is, made and ready for me to sew on the felt circle back, with brooch pin...

Taken in the evening with the light on - so the colours aren't quite accurate here. 

Close up, pinned onto the shawlette...

I made the rose with every last little bit of the blue shawl yarn... then ended with the pink to provide some contrast.  The aim was to see blue and pink throughout the rose - although most of the blue is hiding, except the middle bit.  I'm still happy with it, though.

I've spared you from having to endure any more pictures of me in the shawl - I think my last post had enough!  (Also my cameraman wasn't around, so I stuck with shoving it on an old hanger and photographing it myself!)  When I see other people photo their lovely items on hangers, they always have sophisticated wooden ones.  This one is an ancient New Look one, gone all yellowed with age!  I just can't do classy!

The pattern for the rose is here, although I didn't quite follow it, due to yarn constraints!  I did row 1 and most of 2 in the blue (before the yarn ran out).  I finished row 2 in the pink and did most of row 3.  I didn't complete row 3, as I wanted to have a blue middle to the rose.  Therefore the blue middle bit is only 2 rows high.  (I did what I could with what I had!)

So, there you have it!  The brooch can be my 2nd Monthly Make for August.

Bye for now...

Sunday 12 August 2012

Posing with my Shawlette! Ta-Dah!

Well, thank you all you lovely people for all your great comments on my last post - after reading them, I decided to carry on and finish the shawl - yay!!  Thank you especially to 'Anonymous' (who are you, oh helpful one?!) for suggesting a shawlette and ways I could wear it.  I carried on, and I finished it, and I love it!  (You were right!)

If anyone is interested in the details, here they are:

Yarn:  3 x 50g balls of Rowan Amy Butler Belle Organic Aran in Robin's Egg (Shade 209)
Hook:  6mm
Pattern:  here

The pattern is in Japanese and a symbol one - I've never used a pattern like that before, but I found it surprisingly easy.  (Maybe I was doing it completely wrong - who knows - I was happy anyway!)

I'm not sure what size hook I was supposed to use, and I didn't do the number of rows specified - I did as much as the yarn I had would allow.

I had a bit of a shawlette photo-shoot in the park... so here are more pictures!  Sorry for being a poser....!!!

I'll probably wear it like that quite a bit.  (Didn't really know what to do with my arms in these pictures - so if they look a bit random, that'll be why!)

I'll probably NOT wear it like this quite so often...!!  ;o)  (Had to be done....!)

This will be my August Monthly Make.  I'm glad I didn't rip it apart - I'm rather loving it.  It's very warm and cosy too.  I'm thinking I might crochet a brooch to hold it together in various positions.  If I do, I'll be sure to show you...!

Monday 6 August 2012

Failed Shawl?

Thanks for the comments on the organisation in the last post!  I think I've seen people do similar things in notepads etc - although I can't remember where.  I've been trying to find the sources of my inspiration, to give them some credit, but I can't find them so I apologise if it's you!

I mentioned in a recent post that I wanted to make something with the Rowan Amy Butler Belle Organic Aran yarn I had.  Well, I started to knit some kind of a scarf/shrug type thing.  I was just making it up as I went along and ended up pulling it apart twice, as it wasn't what I wanted!

Then I swapped to crocheting - and got massively enthusiastic, working for hours on this...

I did really like it, but... I only have three 50g balls of the yarn, and that is nearly one ball finished.  From the base to the point is only just past the depth of my window sill, as you can see in the picture.  So, I don't think it's going to be big enough, I'm not sure.

Also, I don't know if I'm even a shawl person!  I can't really see myself using it to be honest, even though I like it.  Maybe I would, I don't know...

So...... back to the drawing board I think.  Even though I can't quite bring myself to pull it apart yet.  I just really want to use the yarn to make something I will be able to use and make the most of, as it's so lovely, but I can't find the perfect project for it.

Any ideas of what lovely thing I could make with three 50g balls of Belle Organic Aran?!

I think I'll just forget about it for now, and hope something comes to me.

In other news, look at this cute notepad the Lumberjack spotted and bought for me.  The boy knows I'm partial to a list or two!

He said he thought it looked a bit like PiP Studio so thought I'd like it.  I know - what have I done to him?!  Before he met me he was merrily roaming through woodland, doing manly things with axes and chainsaws... now he's identifying "PiP Studio-esque" items.  I should be ashamed of myself!!!  ;o)

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