Tuesday 24 May 2016

Stripy Crochet Baby Blanket

Sorry for the silence - I have been away on a lovely holiday in Costa Rica for two weeks, amongst other, less interesting, things!

My friend's baby was born whilst I was on holiday, so since being back I've been frantically trying to get the baby blanket finished.  She's had a little girl, so I hope that this will be suitable - a take on cheery primary colours!

I made it using Stylecraft Special DK in:


It was all made with half-double (half-treble UK) crochet stitches.  The sunshine and turquoise stripes were 14 rows each, the lipstick stripes were 7 rows each, and the white between them were 2 rows each.

I bordered it with 3 rounds of half-double (half-treble UK) crochet in white, then 2 rows of single (double US) crochet in lipstick.

Quite a simple design, but hopefully quite effective!

I'm hoping my friend likes it.  I will be seeing her, and meeting the new little one, tomorrow - can't wait!

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