Saturday 27 August 2011

Baby Blanket

Hi all!  Welcome to all new followers over the last few weeks, and thanks for following!  :o)

Thanks to those who left lovely comments on my last post!  I gave the PE bag to my friend on Thursday and she was over the moon!  I have to say that I find making lined drawstring bags a bit of a pain (not sure why really, but I seem to be very slow at making them!) but when my friend was so pleased and excited with it, it made it all worthwhile!!  She really was delighted!  It made me feel very proud!  :o)

As I have mentioned before, I am due to become an Aunt this Christmas!  My brother and sister-in-law's first baby is due on Christmas Day!  They recently found out that they are having a boy, so I have started making a baby blanket for my little nephew to be!

It is going to be made up of crocheted heart squares, bordered with white.

I will block the squares, to make them all neat and even before crocheting them all together.  (The yellow square isn't actually as misshapen as it looks in the picture!)

At the moment the colours I am using are the yellow and the mid-blue in the photos, plus a baby blue.  I am thinking of adding more colours, however... maybe some more different shades of blue... but I'll see!

I hope you all have great weekends - I'm off to a wedding today, of a friend I've known since infant school!  I'm glad to wake up to a bright sunny day for her!

Monday 22 August 2011

Finished Work in Progress!

I've just given a random guy a good laugh!  I was driving home from work, listening to the radio.  Michael Buble 'Everything' came on, and I started singing passionately along, complete with dramatic hand gestures, and even a bit of closed eye moments (I wasn't moving at that point, due to traffic!).  I suddenly looked across to realise the guy in the car next to me was watching and laughing!!  Ooops!

Oh well!  :o)

The project with the cupcake is now finished!!  It took hours, I honestly don't know what takes me so long!  Thanks for all the nice comments about the cupcake!  And as for how I got the stitching so neat, Becky, I have no idea!!  I had cut the cupcake shape out and ironed it onto the white fabric with bondaweb... then I came to machine stitching the zigzag around it... and I was convinced that I was going to ruin it!  I honestly have no idea how it came out looking so neat!  I couldn't believe my eyes!  A fluke!!

So, here is the finished item:

It's a cupcake drawstring PE bag for my friend's daughter who starts school in September!  It is also lined in the same pink polka dot fabric, so no raw edges to be found!  It has a fuchsia pink polka dot ribbon as a hook, for hanging onto her peg.

I cross-stitched her name and zigzag stitched that onto the front of the bag - you can't even see those stitches in white against the cross-stitch material, which I was pleased with!

All in all, I'm quite pleased with it.  I jut hope my friend is happy with it!!

Saturday 20 August 2011

Work in Progress Update

A couple of posts ago (here) I showed you a glimpse of some fabric I was using for my latest work in progress, for a friend.

Here is a glimpse of the project so far...

The pink polka dot fabric will come into play soon...!!

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Giveaway at The Fluff Pot!

Just a quick post today to tell you about a giveaway!

The very lovely Becky, at The Fluff Pot is currently running an amazing giveaway!  Now, I don't really want to tell you, as it will decrease my chances of winning, and I really want to win!!!  But... I'm going to be kind and give you all a chance to enter too!

Look at what you could get...

Head over to her giveaway post here to see in detail all the amazing things you can win!

Becky is such a lovely person, and this giveaway is so generous, with such gorgeous handmade delights!!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Work in Progress and an Award

Hi!  I'm currently working on a project for a friend, which involves these materials below...

All will be revealed in time!  Hopefully I can do a good job of it... feeling a bit of pressure!!  Also, I'm making a very slow start, so need to get a move on as it needs to be done fairly soon!

I have also been nominated for the Versatile Blogger award again!  Thanks to 2 Little Birdies!!  Go over and check out her blog!  Always feels lovely to get an award, thank you!  :o)  I received this not too long ago - so my answers and nominations still stand - you can see them here.  (Sorry for not doing new ones - lazy me!!!)

Wednesday 10 August 2011


Hi everyone!  Thanks for the lovely comments on my African Runner progress, and on the teeny tiny hearts!  I appreciate all the kind words!  :o)

I have a day off work today - yay!  I am meeting up with teacher friends later, who are off work for the school holidays.  But this morning I have been trying to get back on track with things.  This year seems to be passing in a blur of chaos and big life-changing events and I have been very disorganised!!  Time to get on top of things again...

This has included (finally!) RSVPing to a couple of upcoming events - a christening and a wedding.  (I have actually told them in person that I'm coming, but wanted to make it formal!)

I designed and printed these RSVP cards this morning, and I'm really pleased with them!

I'm usually really good with RSVPing to things - I'm not usually one to keep people waiting.  But what with The Breakup (5 year relationship came to an end) and the redundancy announcement at work, and a suddenly manic social life... I'm all over the place!

It is time for a return to organised Maria!!!  :o)  (Well, we'll see!)

Monday 8 August 2011

Teeny Tiny Hearts

I've been making some more teeny tiny hearts!  As per the first one I mentioned in my post here.

Lots of ends to sew in, and more to make!  Trying to do lots of different combinations of 4 colours... not sure if they really go or not... I'll see when I've done more...!

I'll string them up into some mini bunting eventually - to go somewhere!

Thursday 4 August 2011

How is the African Flower Runner coming along..?

Well... not too well, really!  I have to admit I've not touched it for weeks!

This is how far it has got:

I really need to pick it up and keep going!!  I'm sure once I start up on it again, I will get a bit more motivated...

I want it to be the length of this coffee table (cheap Ikea one which I've had forever!) so I have a way to go:

I want to start work on a baby blanket for my niece or nephew (due on Christmas Day!) so I need to get this runner done and dusted!

Tuesday 2 August 2011

A Folksy Sale and a Hen Weekend!

Well, hellooo everyone!

Exciting news for me - on Friday I had my very first sale to someone who isn't one of my friends or family!  An actual 'stranger' wanted something I'd made!

It was very exciting to get the notification through Folksy on Friday, that a set of my magnets had been bought!  I wasn't expecting it at all!  My customer wanted a set of the 'Brights', and here they are...

(It was bright and sunny outside when I took this photo... but not in my flat of darkness!!  So the picture is a bit dark, sorry!)

I've also been away in Bath for a hen weekend, from Friday night to Sunday.  I had such a fun time!  Much drinking and laughing and dancing was done!

I had false eyelashes on - my first time!  We all decided to buy and wear false eyelashes for the big night out... I felt a bit like I had mad scary eyes at first... but I got used to them!  Although, not sure I could ever put them on without help... fiddly little blighters!

Hope all is good in your worlds!

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