Tuesday 24 April 2012

Pretty Heart!

Remember you can enter my giveaway here!!

Back in June/July last year I made a hanging lavender heart as part of a giveaway I did then.  My Mum liked it, and I've been meaning to make her one ever since... finally I have!!  (Bad daughter for taking so long!)

Very similar to the original, so some of you will be experiencing deja vu!

I also was very lucky and won a giveaway last week from Laura of Bugs and Fishes.  I won this lovely book:

It is a really useful book, full of practical sewing tips and lessons.  The pages are really pretty too...

Lucky me!!  Thanks so much Laura!

Remember my giveaway is still running, if you want to enter!

Saturday 21 April 2012


It's GIVEAWAY time!!!  I've been talking about it for a while... now finally it's here!  My giveaway!  It's for a number of reasons - I had my 1 year blogiversary in March, and I reached 100 followers too.  I also want to say thank you to all my followers who read my nonsense!  I really appreciate you all, and I love all the comments that I receive - thank you!

So what could you win?!

A metre of each of these three pretty ribbons...

In a little spring tin...

A handmade (by me!) owl lavender bag...

I'm not too happy about giving that away - I love it!

I'm very pleased with the design of my owl... it just seemed to work without too much tweaking!  (Although I guess there are only so many ways to draw an owl, so I doubt it's completely original!)

Some pretty fabric covered magnets (handmade by me!)...

And some chocolate of course...

Soooo.... how do you enter?!

You must first be a follower of my blog, and you can have a maximum of two entries:

1.  An entry for commenting on this post.
2.  An entry for blogging about my giveaway and/or putting my giveaway picture (below) in your sidebar, with a link to this post.  (Please comment to let me know you have done this).

The last day for entering will be 30th April 2012, and I will draw the winner on 1st May 2012!!

Good luck!!!!!!!

Saturday 14 April 2012

Old Stuff!

Well, I'll start with a bit of crochet I've picked up again, that I started quite some time ago!  I first posted about it 1st June last year!  It is my African Flower Runner...

I've completed a couple more flowers... but have changed the plan from a runner to a cushion.  Hopefully I'll be able to show you the completed item at some point!  It would be nice to get it finished at last!!

Also, I have been given some old crafty bits and bobs from the Lumberjack's Gran.  She can't use it anymore, so has very kindly passed it onto me.  There are...

...pinking shears:

I really needed these, as I have some very cheap rubbish plastic ones which I can't even get to cut through paper, let alone fabric!

...old buttons that she had accumulated over many years:

...in a lovely old tin:

...loads of them!!:

...some reels of cotton:

...two of them wooden:

I love that big wooden cotton reel!!

I will have to see what I can make with all these bits and bobs!  It was very kind of her to give them to me, and I think she was glad that they've gone to someone who will make use of them.

Saturday 7 April 2012

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter to you all!

I only got round to getting the Easter Tree up this morning...

The feathers are from my friend Anna, who is Swedish.  They are a Swedish Easter tradition - nice and colourful!

I also finally did my Easter chocolate shopping - can't believe I've left it this late!!!

Oooh - yummy mini-eggs in my little jar!  (I've just thought that if I'd been organised enough, that could have made a nice Easter present for my mum and sister-in-law... damn!  Sorry Mum and Roon, if you're reading this!)

And look - a lovely present from the Lumberjack - a gorgeous jug with flowers!!  Lucky me!

Happy Easter everyone!!!!!!  Make sure you eat LOTS of chocolate!!

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Crafty Cushion - April Make!

At the weekend, I finally cut into some fancy material that I bought a year ago!  I used some Riley Blake fabric, with some Michael Miller fabric to create a border:

I used this as the front of a cushion cover, and used the border fabric to make the back:

Complete with buttons and button holes!  (I wasn't sure I knew how to do button holes - but I managed it!)

I really love it!  I'm so pleased with how it turned out!

The next pictures aren't in natural light, so the colours don't look quite right, but I'll include them anyway...

(Oh, and I am still planning on doing a giveaway, but I need to think of what to make for it!  I've been a bit preoccupied with leaving my last job on Friday and starting my new job yesterday.  Well, and making my cushion!  But you're not having that!!  ;o)  Mean, I know!)

Sunday 1 April 2012


A post full of colour today...

The above picture is of the colours that I'm using to make my waterlily blanket, previously posted about here.  I've done a few more squares now, as you can see below!

My first plan was to do a flower every other square - but after doing one, I decided to cut back on the flowers, or I would probably have never finished the blanket!!  Therefore there will be a few plain squares between each flower square - for the sake of my sanity!  (They are not too bad, but some bits of the flower are a bit fiddly!)

More colourfulness comes in the form of a print from Caroline Rose.  Yes, I've treated myself AGAIN!!  (I find the 'treating myself as a reward for getting a new job' excuse is really not getting old!  Fabulous!)

I'm sure that most of you read the Attic 24 blog - and will have seen this post.  Well, after reading it I had to go and explore Caroline Rose's etsy shop - and I just couldn't resist this print:

(It's still in it's protective plastic - and I need to find a good frame for it, and a place for it to go!)

To be honest, it was a bit of a nightmare trying to pick which one to go for - I loved all of them!  The one that Lucy of Attic 24 commissioned was very close in the running, plus a few others!

Well, it's late - time for bed!!  Night night...

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