Tuesday 22 March 2016

Quick Free Cloakroom Refresh

I haven't shown any home transformations for a while.  You can see my previous posts in my Home Improvements tab.

This weekend, however, I completed a very quick refresh of my downstairs toilet or cloakroom, if you will!  The emphasis on this project was that it be quick and cost me as little as possible.  Well, I achieved that.

If I'd wanted to spend more time and money on it, I would have made quite a few more changes... but speed and economy were of the essence here!

Let's see what I started with...

Pretty grim!!  What we have here is mainly magnolia walls, a half-hearted coat of white paint on part of one wall, started during another DIY project at some point, and some haphazard bluey paint using up the end of a roller, for no apparent reason.  And it all needed a good clean too as it had been used for DIY activities or storage at times.  I don't even use this toilet - I don't go in there if I can avoid it!  Any guests get sent upstairs too, as it's too shameful.

In an ideal world I'd have liked to get all those ugly pipes boxed in and possibly even changed the sink and toilet for something a bit more modern.  I don't like the colour of the tile floor either, so I'd have liked to have changed that too.  I'd have picked a cheery wall colour, and some funkier accessories... but this would all have cost time and money!

So, instead I did this:

My boyfriend, Rob, and I painted it all in a bright white paint that I already had.  At one point we were both in there - me cutting in and him rollering.  DIYing in a confined space - that's a test for any relationship!  (Luckily we passed!)  Even though I'd rather the pipes were boxed in, they do look better in white I think.  It all looks fresher and cleaner.  (Well, I cleaned it too, so it is cleaner!)

Then I added some bright accessories that I already had - the lovely colourful hand towel, an empty pink vase and flowerpot (just unceremoniously plonked there to add some colour - probably would be better if they weren't empty and a bit of thought had gone into some semblance of styling!), and an old picture frame with picture cards from Ikea.  I've had this since I rented a little flat 12 years ago.  It's just been floating around with no home since I moved into this house and I've been thinking of getting rid of it.  However, it brightens up the white and makes the room a bit cheery.

Again, I'd have put a lot more effort into this if I'd wanted to spend time and money on it - but I'm pretty pleased with the quick free makeover.  I won't be ashamed to let people use that toilet now!!

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