Monday 25 July 2011

Back from Weymouth!

Hellloooo!  I just want to say hi to all new followers, and thanks for all the comments that have been posted recently - I read and enjoy them all!  Sorry if I've not been good at responding, things have been very busy lately!  Just so you know they are all appreciated!  :o)

I've just spent 5 days away in Weymouth with my lovely sister-in-law.  My brother was on a stag do, so we went away to have some fun ourselves!  As she is pregnant, we indulged in eating, rather than drinking!  These were rather delicious:

Mmmm wish I could tuck into one of them right now!!  

As for crafting... I really need to pull my finger out!  (How long have I been saying this for?!)  But what I do have is a picture of a tiny crocheted heart I made the other week:

It really is tiny!  Only about 3cm tall, and just over 3.5 cm wide.  I got the pattern from Julia Crossland - her Teeny Tiny Heart Bunting.  I plan to make more of them and make them into some bunting for somewhere... not sure where yet!  It was very quick and easy to make, so why I only managed one I do not know!  Useless girl!

Bye for now!

Saturday 16 July 2011

What I Won!! Unbelievable!

Well, here goes - my camera is charged, and I've been busy snapping pictures of my many many lovely treats from Sue at The Krafty Cupcake, after being soooo lucky to win her giveaway!!

Unfortunately the weather is not on my side, dark and raining, so I hope the pictures look ok...

Peach smelling cupcake keyring - so cute!

Lovely cotton reel buttons

Cath Kidston badges

Cupcake pins - how gorgeous are these?!

Cath Kidston mug

Lovely buttons

Gorgeous pin cushion - love those wooden heart buttons!

Cute cupcake brads

Beautiful hummingbird lavender bag

Look at that lovely hummingbird detail - makes me want to do some cross-stitch!

Cath Kidston Kids bag

26 (yes 26!) different coloured felt sheets (you can't see them all here)

20 squares of Tilda fabric - so pretty!

Marian Keyes book - already started reading it as I just finished my last book the day before!

Amazingly detailed beautiful fondant cupcake toppers - such talent, I am stunned!

This is only a small selection - there were loads!!  I didn't want to unwrap them all and risk damaging any!

Can you believe all that???!!!  I am completely overwhelmed!!  Everything was so beautifully wrapped, with lovely little tags giving a clue to each gift!  The handmade items are made so perfectly.  Honestly, I can't believe how lucky I am to have won, and I really want to thank Sue so much for her amazing generosity!  What a talented and kind lady!  I can truly say I absolutely love each and every item!  (And I'm not surprised Sue that you nearly kept the cupcake pins, I'm not quite sure how you managed to be parted from them!)

THANK YOU!!!!!  :o)

Friday 15 July 2011

Thanks to The Krafty Cupcake!

I would like to thank the lovely Sue from The Krafty Cupcake for two things!!!

First, the award she has given me:

How exciting!!  It is so lovely to receive these awards, and so amazing that anyone would enjoy reading the things I write!

So... 7 things about me.  Here goes:

1.  I am quite short - 5 foot 2 inches tall.  All the best things come in small package, eh?!  :o)

2.  I can't sing in tune.  My singing is terrible.  When I was 7, I wasn't even allowed in the class choir with the rest of the class.  I had to go and sit in another room with a couple of the "strange" kids while everyone else did choir practise!!  I was devastated!  I kept going back to the teacher, saying that I think I could sing now.  She would plonk away on her piano, making a few notes for me to sing.  I would have no idea how to replicate them so would just make some odd noises that I hoped might sound like the notes... and no choir for me!  I am over it now, and have accepted my lack of singing ability!  (How harsh, though - who would care if one little girl in a choir of 7 year olds was singing out of tune?!)

3.  My favourite colour is aqua (I think!  A bit of pink thrown in wouldn't go amiss either!)

4.  I have just finished reading all the Harry Potters from beginning to end!  I'd read them all before years ago, but decided to read them all again in a row - excellent!  I'm off to see the last one at the cinema soon too, but I'm not that fussed about the films.  I don't think they are a patch on the books!

5.  Here is picture of me, as I am really running out of things to say - my brain is not working today!

6.  To read more "exciting" bits of information about me, you can see this post from when I won the Kreativ Blogger award.  (Sorry, that was a bit of a cop out!)

7.  Yesterday I won The Krafty Cupcake's giveaway!!!

So, that last fact about me brings me nicely on to the second thing I want to thank Sue for!!  Yesterday I found out that I won her amazing giveaway, and I received the package at work today!!  So quick!  Much excitement was had in opening all those wonderful goodies!!  I can't believe I won!!

This is the picture from her giveaway post:

All of the above are now mine!!  I am so lucky!

My battery has run out on my camera, and I'm currently charging it now.  So, my next post will be a proper tribute to all the wonderful treats I received from Sue, with lots of photos for you!!  Be prepared to be jealous, though, because Sue has been incredibly generous - I can't quite get over what I've won!  I keep looking through them all again and again!  THANK YOU Sue!!

Oh, I need to nominate 7 blogs to pass on The Versatile Blogger award to.  Here goes...

  1. Annaboos House
  2. Cherry Heart
  3. The Fluff Pot (Becky, I know you just got this award, but I'm giving it to you again anyway! You don't have to give facts and nominate again, as you've just done it!)
  4. Kandipandi's Pad
  5. 4 Lil' Girls
  6. Sew, Ray, Me
  7. Unravelled

If any of you have already had this award, or don't like receiving awards, then please feel free to ignore this!!!!  I won't be offended!  :o)

Monday 11 July 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Exciting day... it is time for the results of my Giveaway!

The prizes are below:

I have put the names into a hat, and picked a winner...


...and the winner is.....


Let me know your email address, and I will contact you for your postal address, so I can get your prize posted to you soon!

Sunday 10 July 2011


Sorry that I've been so quiet lately - another busy week!  Sorry for the lack of posts, and the lack of comments I've left on your blogs - I've had trouble keeping up with it all!

"Hi!" to all my new followers, it is lovely to have you following, and I apologise for my quietness lately!  I must do better!  :o)

Thanks for all the comments on my Giveaway Post.  I'm chuffed by the responses!  You still have until 8pm tomorrow to enter, if you haven't already!

Let me share with you a couple of purchases from last weekend.

New hooks for my keys, as I'm bored with my old one - this is far prettier and girlier!:

(Not the best light for the pic, sorry!)

And some new teatowels, from good old Wilkinsons!:

(How many pictures of one set of teatowels does anyone need to see?!)  ;o)

Also, the lovely Sue from the Krafty Cupcake has very kindly awarded me this award:

Thanks Sue, I really appreciate it!

I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself, and nominate 7 other blogs.  I will do all that another day as I can't think of 7 things right now!

Hope you've all had lovely weekends...

Monday 4 July 2011

50 Followers Giveaway!

Well, here it is at last!!  Finally I have reached 50 followers, so it is time for my giveaway!  Yay!  (Thank you Emily, my 50th follower!)

Here is what you'll win:

We have...

A bag of delicious caramel nibbles (not sure how I'm parting with them!)
The cute little apple tin from Tiger
A crocheted flower brooch with coordinating button (made by me)
Fabric covered mini buttons (made by me)
A lavender felt hanging heart (made by me)

Buttons and Brooch

Lavender Heart

Apple Tin

To be entered into the draw to win these goodies, all you need to do is become a follower of my blog (if you're not already) and comment on this post (I must be able to contact you via your comment).

If you add my giveaway button (below) to the sidebar of your blog, with a link to this post, (and let me know you've done it) then I will give you an extra entry into the draw!  (Feel free to blog about it too!)  ;o)

Closing date will be Monday July 11th at 8pm!  Good luck!  :o)

Sunday 3 July 2011

Where has the time gone?!

Wow, I can't believe I haven't blogged since Tuesday!  I think this is the longest I've gone without posting since I started my blog in March!

I've been so busy lately, it's crazy!  So I've not had much time for crafting, I'm afraid.

Wednesday night I was out drinking with friends - it was such a fun night with lovely friends.  Many of these were consumed by me:

I remain as classy as ever, with my drink of choice!!!!  And on a work-night too - shocking behaviour!  ;o)

Then Thursday night was a more cultured affair!  I went to see a Shakespeare play performed outside in a really pretty walled garden in Basingstoke, where I live.  It was organised by my work's sport and social club.  Luckily the weather was lovely, and we all had a picnic before the play started.  (Anything that involves food is a winner for me!!!)  The play was Love's Labour's Lost:

I'd never actually heard of it before, but thought I'd go along as it was something a bit different to do!  One thing I liked about it was that the costumes they wore were 50s style costumes, which was a nice touch.  Don't you just love the dress in that picture?!  I'd love to be swanning about in a dress like that!

The play was performed well, and there were some quite funny modern twists put in.  I'm not sure I'm the biggest Shakespeare fan, but you've got to try these things, and it was a nice pleasant evening.

Then Friday... I went to...

...the Take That concert at Wembley!  I was never that bothered about Take That the first time round, but I do like the new songs they've done since they got back together a few years ago.  I'd heard that their last concert was really spectacular, so when some of my friends were getting tickets to go to this one, I thought I might as well tag along!

It was really good fun - I really enjoyed it!  My first big concert!

Then yesterday afternoon/evening I was at a bbq with more lovely friends - I had such a good time, and have secured myself a very sexy t-shirt tan!!  Gorgeous!!!!!  ;o)

So... things have been pretty jam packed since my last post!!

Excitedly I have just noticed that I now have 49 followers... so only 1 to go until Giveaway time - woohooo!!!!  Hello and thanks to the new followers, and sorry to everyone for my lack of posts lately.

Talking of giveaways - the Krafty Cupcake is running an amazingly generous giveaway over at her blog:  here.  Check it out!

Sorry that there is nothing crafty in this post - I'll have to up my game for the next post!  (You'd think that since becoming single I'd have far more time for crafting, but I am so much more busy now than I used to be - I don't know quite what's happened!)

Hope you're all having lovely weekends!

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