Saturday 31 December 2022

Superhero Cape with Cricut Joy

Hello!  My last post of the year, with something that I made Emily for Christmas!  She had been using an old muslin as a superhero cape, so I decided to make her a nice one!

Superhero Cape with Cricut Joy

It was made using things I already had in stash, which was satisfying.  I used two pink cotton fat quarters - one for the front and one to line it.  Emily is a big fan of pink, which is why I chose that colour!  Some pink ribbon is used for the tie.

Then came the fun part...

Superhero Cape with Cricut Joy

I used the Cricut Joy to cut out SUPER EMILY, a lightning bolt, and some stars from smart glitter iron-on vinyl.  I hadn't yet tried using iron-on vinyl, but it went very well - I love the result!  It is so lovely and glittery in real-life too, but hard to capture the true sparkle on camera.

Emily seems happy with her cape!

Superhero Cape with Cricut Joy

It feels lovely to give her presents that I have made myself!

Tomorrow is the start of 2023 - I hope that I will be back soon with a lot more crafty makes!  2022 was far too sparse on the creativity!

Sunday 25 December 2022

Felt Gingerbread Man Christmas Tree Decoration

I have managed to complete another item, ready for Christmas!  Each year since 2018, I make a felt ornament for the Christmas tree.

This year, I made a gingerbread man...

Felt Gingerbread Man

I found him a bit of a pain to make, but I knew my daughter would love him as she does like a gingerbread man!

Felt Gingerbread Man

I embroider the year on the back.

Here is the collection I now have...

Felt Christmas Tree Decorations

It is actually Christmas morning as I type this, so Merry Christmas!  My son woke up at 2.40am... it took me till nearly 4am to get him back to sleep and I have been awake since then, very annoyingly!  I just couldn't for the life of me get back to sleep.  It's now about 7.30am and I thought I'd get this post done as I wait for everyone to wake up and the festivities to begin!

Saturday 10 December 2022

Crochet Penguin

I have finally finished a crochet project - I think it must be the first yarn related project I've finished since Max was born!

I did plan for this to be a birthday present for Emily, back in May.  Well, that didn't work out and it wasn't completed by then, but I managed to finish it in time for her December box.  It's a bit like a Christmas Eve box, but she gets it at the beginning of December with festive things in for the month!

Crochet Penguin

I used the free pattern for Brian the MBP Penguin.  The only thing I changed was to do one less round on the feet, as mine were coming up very big.  Oh, and the blue "coat" of the penguin came out bigger than the white body - so I added stuffing at the back of the body to fill out the coat so that it fit snuggly when I sewed it on.  I'm not sure why that happened - maybe something to do with my tension - but stuffing the gap did the trick and you wouldn't really know!

Crochet Penguin

I think he's rather cute, and Emily is very happy with him which is lovely!

I hope to be back soon with more makes!

Wednesday 30 November 2022

Cake Toppers with the Cricut Joy

Goodness me - I've not posted since January, and it's now December tomorrow!  This is by far the least I've ever blogged since starting my blog back in 2011!

It seems that having a second child has had a big impact on my crafting - it is so difficult to fit it in around working part-time and looking after the children, and being very tired from the lack of sleep I'm still suffering from!

But something I did make - back in May and June - were some cake toppers for Emily and Max's birthday cakes.  I designed them in Cricut Design Space and cut them out of gold card with the Cricut Joy.

Cricut Cake Toppers

The shiny gold of the card shows better in the pictures below, on the cakes!

Cricut Cake Topper

Cake making and decorating really isn't my forte, so excuse this rough and ready cake!  Emily loved it, which is the main thing - she adores rainbows!  (I bought all the decorations apart from the "Emily is 3" topper I made.)

Max's topper was the same but with his name and age.  For both toppers I cut them out twice, with one a mirror image of the other...

Cricut Cake Topper

I then glued them together, so that both sides of the topper were gold.  I stuck the toppers to a wooden stick thingy, tied some ribbon into a bow around the stick, and jabbed them into their respective cakes!

Cricut Cake Topper

Another very simple scruffy cake!  Candles were added to the cakes after these pictures were taken.

I do enjoy making things with the Cricut Joy, in the rare moments I get to use it.  There is so much potential that I will hopefully get chance to explore more at some point!

I have very recently completed a couple of other projects - a crochet one and a sewing one!  I will try to take reasonably decent photos, in the dim light we have this time of year, and will share them soon - so watch this space!

Thursday 20 January 2022

Creation Consolidation - 2021!

As per my standard practice, I am rounding up my creative makes of 2021.  I started pretty well, but things ground to a halt when my son was born!

So, first I'll share my biggest and best creation...

Our little boy Max was born in June!  We now have Emily and Max - two adorable little children!  As gorgeous as they are, they certainly take up a lot of time and effort!  I need to try to find some time for creating again!

But here are my crafting makes over 2021.  Click the headings or the pictures to be taken to the relevant posts.

Crochet Strawberry

Knitted Bracelet

Valentine Watercolour Hearts

I hope to have time for more crafting this year, but who knows!

If you are interested, here are my consolidation posts from previous years:

I didn't do a round-up for years before that, but you can see other finished items at the below links:

Wishing you all the best for 2022.

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