Thursday 12 May 2011

Hanging Bunny

This is something I've been meaning to put on here since the felt-egg-making mania (for my Easter Tree).  As I mentioned previously, there was a bit of an egg-making craze amongst some of us girls at work, and my Canadian friend Dawn made this cute version:

She adapted the egg shape, by adding ears, and embroidered features to make this cute little bunny!

I planned to copy the idea (as it looks so good!) and make some of my own, so was going to show this as the source of my inspiration when I presented mine... but time ran out and I didn't make any!

The little bunny deserves a bit of limelight, though... so here it is!

Now, onto answer how I made my new header...  I was thinking about what I wanted, and just started playing around in Word to get some ideas.

  • I inserted a few of my photos into Word and adjusted the sizes, arranged them etc to see what I could come up with.
  • I ended up liking what I'd done with my playing around, and wanted to use it!  So I selected all the pictures that made the arrangement and used the group function in Word to make them one picture.
  • There is no way (that I know of) to save something from Word as a picture, so I copied what I had and pasted into Publisher.
  • From Publisher I could right click and save as a picture.
  • I then uploaded the picture as my header in Blogger.  (Although I had to keep going back to the picture and re-sizing it in Picture Manager until it was the right width for my blog - a bit of trial and error!)
I'm sure there are many far simpler ways of doing it than this - I tend to do everything in the most long-winded way!

I need to get back to showing more pictures of my crafting - these last posts have been pictures of other people's crafting!  I've been making quite a bit, but they've been presents/cards for people so I need to wait until they've got them before I show them here!  Hopefully soon!

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  1. Cute rabbit. Nice new header too. Got lots of followers now. Congratulations on that.


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