Thursday 5 May 2011


What a way to start the day - I dropped my bottle of foundation on my creamy/beigey bedroom carpet this morning, making a right mess!  I had to leave for work, so only had time for a rushed cleaning attempt, which didn't help much.  :o(

So tonight's project is going to be a desperate attempt to get my carpet clean!!!  (That does NOT sound like a fun way to spend an evening!)  I've sprayed stain remover on it, and am waiting for it to 'break down the stain' before I start scrubbing again.

In other annoying news... I ordered the Cath Kidston book 'Sew!', from Play, nearly two weeks ago and I still haven't got it...

It includes everything you need to make the bag on the front, as well as instructions for other projects.  I can't wait to get my hands on it!

I thought it would go through the letterbox so had it sent to my home address, but I guess it didn't fit through, as they tried to deliver and left me a card.  Therefore I needed to get the delivery address changed to my work address - which was quite a palaver!  To cut a long story short I've had to order it again to be sent to my work address, and they will refund me for the original book once the courier company returns it to them as undelivered.  Madness!

So, I'm STILL waiting!  I just want to get started on that bag!

Well - sorry for the moaning!  Let's brighten things up a bit... here is a nice cheery picture of a Cath Kidston cherry mug that I just found in the online shop:

Don't you just love that pattern?!  Some Cath Kidston patterns are a bit old fashioned for me, but some I love!  I don't actually have any of her stuff - but I will have once I get my book and make that bag!

My lucky sister-in-law managed to get a gorgeous oilcloth carry-all in this pattern, but with a light blue background.  It was from the new Cath Kidston factory shop just opened in Portsmouth.  She got it for £12.50 instead of £25!  Bargain!  They don't seem to make the carry-all bags in that pattern anymore, so I can't find a picture to show you.  It is lovely, though!

Well, I guess I'd better get back to that carpet...  :o(  (Sorry for the moaning!)


  1. You poor thing. I had a day a bit like that yesterday - smashed plates, broken iron, burnt hand - wish I'd never got out of bed.

    At least you still have your book to look forward to! Cant wait to see the bag once you've made it, I'll be very impressed my skills would definitely not stretch that far.

    Hope the stain removal goes well :)

    Rhi x

  2. Ooh I love that book I got it this time last year and made that bag, it's fab! It's quite dinky though it currently lives inside my my big Cath Kidston bag as a bit of an organiser ~ I have pics here
    p.s. finally emailed you!
    Kandi x

  3. Thanks Rhi! I'll definitely show the bag on here when I've done it - hopefully I'll be able to manage it!

    Kandi, I loved looking at your post - excellent to see the bag made up, and the other lovely projects in the book!

    Maria x

  4. Have so been there with the stain thing. Mine was cream carpet + waterproof mascara = horrible mess! It's amazing how far a stain can spread! Hope yours is sorted!
    Becky x

  5. Oh what a pain with the carpet - i hope you get the stain out.
    And what a nuisnace with the book.
    It'll be worth the wait though its a great book but do you know, I still haven't gotten around to making the bag!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Thanks Becky and Gill - the stain is a lot improved, but I will try to keep working on it bit by bit!

    Funny about the bag - I bet after all my moaning, I'll take ages to make it too..!!



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