Friday 17 June 2011


I had a great night last night - it was a bit of a late one, so tonight is definitely a night for slobbing on the sofa with a DVD!

But first... I thought I'd show a bit of progress on my African Flower runner... not much progress, but a bit:

But I've been too impatient and stopped sewing the ends in as I go:

Back of runner

In case any one is interested in the yarn I've been using, it's King Cole Bamboo Cotton.  It's 50% bamboo 50% cotton.  A bit more fancy than my usual synthetic yarn - I must have been feeling extravagant that day!

It does split quite a bit while working with it, but I like the feel and look of it.


Before I go... for those of you who wanted to be able to check the number of subscribers you have in Google Reader, this is how I did it (there is probably another simpler way, but I know hardly anything about Google Reader, so this is the only way I know how!)

Go to Google Reader and log in using your Google Account.

Type the name of your blog and search, as below:

You should get a list of your posts, click on the blog name (rather than the post name) as circled in red below:

You should then get presented with something like the picture below which shows how many subscribers there are:

This is probably a long-winded way of doing it... but that's all I know!  :o)


  1. Love the runner, the colors are my fave... I am trying to resist the urge to not sew in the loose ends on my grannies right now... last night that was a big FAIL...

  2. Your runner is looking gorgeous Maria! I'm using the King Cole Bamboo at the moment too and know what you mean about it being a bit spilty. I do like the feel of it though!! Thanks for sharing how to find out Google Reader subscriber numbers.....I was driving myself mad last night trying to figure that out!! Lol :)

    Have a nice evening on the sofa! I'll be doing the same :)

    Jo x x

  3. gorgeous runner, love the colours.Enjoy your film...i hope you have choccies too.xx

  4. Oooh it's looking good!!

    We're having a lazy night too - I've just finished my one granny square for the evening so I'm pleased :)

    Thanks for the google reader thing too, I always wondered how to do that... though I had to follow my own blog to get it to work for some reason!!

    Anyway enjoy the rest of your evening, get tying in those ends, you'll only regret it later if you don't ;) haha xx


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