Saturday 25 June 2011

Free Felt Swatch Card!

Thanks to you all for the lovely messages on my last couple of posts.  I'm actually feeling quite excited about what might be awaiting me... a whole new chapter in my life!  I might as well embrace all these changes in my life!!

The other day I was one of the first five to comment on a post, so won a free felt swatch card from Sew Sweet, which arrived yesterday!

So, next time my felt stash is low, I will be able to see exactly what colours to order!  It can be difficult online to see what the colours are like in 'real life'.

And... a little surprise that I wasn't expecting... a pack of buttons were included!

Thank you so much Emma - that was a lovely little treat to receive!  I'm sure I will put these to good use...

(Sorry if the photos are a bit dingy - the sun is refusing to shine!  Although, apparently tomorrow is supposed to be a scorcher... we shall see!)

I'm off now for a girlie lunch/afternoon/evening with some friends.  I'm trying to decide whether to drink or drive!  I've got the race for life tomorrow morning, so the sensible thing would be no drinking!!!

If anyone is interested in sponsoring me, the link to my group's sponsor page is:  Do It In Pink.  Don't worry if you don't want to, though - I get inundated with sponsorship requests, and you can't sponsor everyone!!

Everything is ready for my giveaway - I just need 4 more followers!  Things have slowed up lately on the follower front... but who knows...

Bye for now!


  1. Love those felt swatches. Looks pretty enough to stick in a frame and put on the wall!
    Cute, sunny buttons too.


  2. Oooh I love colour swatch cards - how sad am I?? I like that it looks like a little rainbow :) haha, hope you are having a fab time with your friends, good luck with your race too, look forward to hearing all about it! Jenny x

  3. Glad to hear you are so upbeat about all the changes being thrown at you.
    Good luck for your run tomorrow - hope the sun shines on you all.
    4 followers to go - how exciting!
    Becky x

  4. Just ready your last couple of blog posts! Im so sorry to hear you're losing your job. All I can say is, onwards and upwards and this time next year you'll be doing something fantastic Im sure of it!

    Lots of hugs x x

  5. Ooh, those buttons look so 'juicy'! You can almost smell oranges and lemons from them! (I hope I don't sound too weird saying that lol!)

  6. Hope it wasn't too hot for you today, hope your race went well.

    The felt colours look great, I agree with Annaboo, they would look great in a frame.

    Jan x


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