Sunday 12 June 2011

I've won an award!

Very exciting news for me - my blog has been awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award by the lovely Becky from The Fluff Pot!  Thank you so much Becky!  Becky has a great blog, so if you don't already follow, go over and check it out!  (She's very nice too!)

I think that I am supposed to tell you 10 things about myself... which is rather tricky actually!

1.  My name is Maria and I'm 31 years old (wow... fascinating information I'm dishing out now...!)

2.  Very exciting news in my family at the moment is that my brother (my only sibling) and sister-in-law are expecting their first baby - and it's due on Christmas Day!!  They've just had the 12 week scan, so we are finally able to announce the news to everyone!  I'm so excited for them... and for me, as I will be an Aunt for the first time!!  I can't wait to start crocheting a baby blanket for the new baby!!!  I am going to be the mad old spinster Aunt for this poor baby!!!

Me - mad old spinster aunt!

3.  My lifelong dream is to write a book.  I would love to be an author of adult fiction, but can never think of a good enough idea, so I do nothing!  Although, a friend from work has recently lent me a book on generating ideas for writing... so who knows!  I've just remembered writing one story when I was about 10 (which I was aiming to get published of course!) about a little family of hedgehogs, who were in danger from a deranged killer hedgehog, who I had named after my teacher who I hated!!!  (What a delightful child!)  I actually loved nearly all of my teachers through primary school... it was just this one who was nasty!

4.  I have such a sweet tooth - I can never get enough chocolate and cake!  At work they say I'm like a meerkat, as whenever anyone mentions chocolate or cake anywhere in the office (or even sometimes if I hear the sound of a wrapper!) my head pops up over the partition to find the source of possible yumminess!

5.  When it comes to alcohol, I have the tastes of a teenager!  I never progressed to enjoying beer or wine - so my drink of choice tends to be a blue WKD - I'm such a sophisticated lady!!  Of course, when I'm being "classy" I'll have an Archers and lemonade or an Amaretto and coke - anything sweet basically!!  (Such a child!)

6.  I love monkeys... well, what's not to love?!

7.  My music taste is definitely on the cheesy side!  One of my favourite songs to enjoy at a party is "500 Miles" by the Proclaimers!  I love songs like "I'm in the Mood for Dancing" by the Nolans, "I Am the One and Only" by Chesney Hawkes, "Dancing Queen" by Abba... I think you get the idea!!  Although, I still like what I think of as the cooler stuff (to me, anyway!), like "All Summer Long" by Kid Rock and "Rock Star" by Nickelback.

8.  Despite my hatred of running, I'm doing the Race for Life in two weeks (I know, I told you that yesterday... but I'm running out of things to say!)

9.  I am planning a 50 followers giveaway - I went out this morning to buy the cute apple tin from Tiger... so it is ready and waiting for me to make some bits to go with it.  All in anticipation of one day reaching that 50 follower milestone...

10.  I am going to copy Becky's idea, and show you a picture of myself as my number 10.  (Well, actually three photos, because once I started I couldn't stop!)

Me at Cheddar Gorge in April
Me doing something weird last summer in the park!
Me with my lovely sister-in-law (now pregnant!)

Well, that's enough boring information for anyone to handle!!!

I will have a think about who to nominate, and let you know on another post!

Bye for now...


  1. Loved to know more about you. And congratulation to your brother and sis in law!! :D

  2. Congratulations! Very well deserved!
    Beckys blog is lovely, I know it well!
    Loved reading more about you! That cute hedgehog baby is adorable!
    Good luck with your writing ambition - who knows, maybe one day?
    Great to see some photos of you - its lovely to be able to put a face to your blogging.
    Hope youve had a great weekend

    Gill xx

  3. Well, congratulations! Wonderful news about your brother and sister-in-law. I'm sure you'll be a funky aunt who is much loved by her niece/nephew.
    I refuse to believe you ever eat anything sweet, you are far too thin for such indulgences!
    Thanks for sharing lots about you. I love that hedgehog pic - truly gorgeous.
    Becky x

  4. *waves and says* hello Maria!! Lovely to put a face to the blogger :) And there's nothing wrong with a bit of cheese!!! Yay for being able to crochet a baby blanket....that'll be fun! x


    Jo x x x

  5. Wow! Huge Congrats on your award! Lovely to meet "you" too!

    Rhi x x

    p.s. I too have the tastes of a teenager, may I suggest you try a smirnoff ice with a dash of blackcurrent B-)

  6. Congratulations on your award!! I just had to comment as we sound so similar - I too have stopped drinking wine in favour of the super sweet archers and lemonade, haha... and one of my favourite tracks (reminds me of fab nights out at Uni) has to be 'The one and only', (along with Bryan Adams Summer of 69,haha!) Good luck with the crochet blanket, will look forward to seeing what colours you choose! Have a lovely week, Jenny xx

  7. I love these posts, Congrats on your award! Lovely to see a pic of you not sure why but I had you down as a brunette :o)
    Kandi x

  8. You look and sound such a lovely person that I just have to follow you! I love crafts, vintage stuff, charity shops, cake ... more cake. Well done on your award and more power to your blog. Hope you'll pop over to mine sometime xxx


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