Tuesday 14 June 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award Presentation

I'm not sure how many bloggers I'm supposed to give this award to... but I have picked two.  (Because that's what Becky did!)  :o)  Thanks again Becky for this award!

1.  Rhi at Pretty Petal Handmade.  Rhi makes some really pretty things.  She does a lot of lovely felt work - banners and pretty embellishments.  She has been blogging around the same length of time as me, so go over and check out her blog!

2.  Jenny at Jenny Arnott Textiles.  Jenny makes the most gorgeous embroidered textiles and accessories, using machine embroidery and applique.  Everything she makes is lovely!  She has also recently started crocheting, and I'm very excited about following her progress, and seeing the things she'll make!

Go and have a look at their lovely blogs!  :o)

Just to add some pictures to the post... here are some pictures of flowers that I took at the BBQ on Saturday.  If you would like to know what they are... the answer is... flowers!!  (I'm just so knowledgable!  A couple of them look like roses...)

Bye for now...


  1. Thanks so much for passing the award onto me Maria, really touched, thank you!! Gosh I will have to get thinking hard as to what my ten 'interesting' facts will be!!! (Not sure it is as easy as it sounds!) Anyway, thanks once again, hope you are having a great evening :) xxx

  2. Hello - thank you for popping by. I'm really looking forward to having a good read of your lovely blog, now I've discovered you!
    Emily x

  3. It's always such a responsibility passing on these awards, isn't it!? I know Pretty Petal Handmade well - good choice - and will pop over and check out Jenny's blog soon.
    First flower picture is a hardy geranium (otherwise known as cranesbill), but can't help you with the rose varieties!
    Becky x

  4. WOW!!! AMAZING!!! Thank you so so much Maria, Im so thrilled you've passed the award on to me, I really am.

    Those roses look beautiful!

    Thanks again! x x


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