Tuesday 31 December 2013

Creation Consolidation - 2013!

As it's the last day of 2013, here is a concoction of the creations I've posted about this year!

Knitted Stripy Snake
(Actually made as a Christmas present for my nephew the end of last year, but blogged this year)

I finally completed my Waterlily Blanket!

I crocheted a Sidewalk Shawl.

A couple of quick makes: decorated a tin and added ribbon to a crochet tealight holder (hardly worth mentioning really!)

I crocheted a cute pink owl.

I made some crochet balls for my nephew.

I made a zipped make-up pouch.

I created a wedding embroidery for my sister-in-law's sister's wedding.

"Making" slowed down drastically due to moving house in May, and having lots of DIY to do!  A bit of fun DIY was the dresser makeover.

I made a tea cosy for my brother, in Southampton FC colours, and posted a tutorial for it.

I created crocheted Christmas Star Jar Covers, with a tutorial.

I made washi tape Christmas tags.

I baked some melting snowman biscuits.

I made a pair of Christmas stockings.

I made a last-minute Rudolph gift bag, complete with twiggy antlers.

And I made a cuddley monster for my nephew for Christmas.

There are actually a couple of other homemade gifts I gave, that I will post about at some point soon.

Wow, after slowing down in the middle of the year after the house move, I became mega crafty in the lead-up to Christmas!!!

Hope this wasn't too boring for you, but it was cool for me to see all my makes throughout the year together in one place.

It just leaves me to say, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Have a lovely night tonight, and see you in 2014.  I hope it'll be a creative year!


  1. So many lovely things that you have made. Seeing everyones reviews of their year in blogland is making me feel that I really need to step up my game in 2014, some great inspiration here from you! Happy New Year!! xx

  2. Oh its great to look back isn't it. You have had a productive year and with moving house too! Hope 2014 is kind to you xx

  3. Dinki Dots have the bestest of New Years - I have loved reading your posts this year and am so glad that I found your wonderful blog. I really look forward to reading more in 2014. All my love to you, Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. That waterlily blanket - I need to get my hook in gear and make something like it. It is so nice on the eyes. Oh I completely forgot to say I stole your washi tape tag idea and made about 50 of them for our Christmas presents this year! They were so easy to make and really added a personal touch. And your stockings - I must make those for next year - woops, THIS YEAR. And sewing in general. Must get better at it.

    Happy new year! Hopefully 2014 has treated you well so far! ;) xx A

  5. What a busy year you've had. Best wishes for 2014. xx


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