Thursday 12 December 2013

Christmas Bits and Baubles...

Look what I received with my Christmas card from my lovely friend Anna...

Such a beautiful crocheted snowflake, adding some more Christmas sparkle to my home...  Thanks Anna, I love it!

I have been loving coming home to my Christmas tree after work each day...

I've got plans for a Christmas make (well two makes) using this fabric...

If I pull my finger out, hopefully I'll be able to show you soon(ish).  My momentum has slowed down a bit lately - after the initial enthusiasm of crocheted jar cosies and washi tape tags.  This is why I go with the early flashes of crafty creativity - as if I don't do it then, I may never do it!!

Thanks for all the lovely comments lately - I always appreciate and enjoy them!

Oh, and I completely forgot (sorry!) thanks so much to Laura from Blue Giraffe Crafts for nominating me for the Sunshine Blog Award - much appreciated.  Thanks Laura!


  1. ZOMG, I completely squee-d at that gnome fabric! It's so cheeky and Christmassy and matches your decor to a T. So much pattern yumminess. I really need to start introducing mix and match patterns ... I be taking notes from your keen eye.

    So Imma guess you're making two things that are supposed to go on your feet, but nowadays we just fill them with prezzies ...

  2. I must get my Christmas tree up! Thanks for the mention.

  3. The snowflake is lovely, so nice that your friend sent this to you. Your other decorations are very pretty too! Hope that you have fun making things with your felt! xx

  4. I am glad you liked it. A little something for the tree. But looking at the tree - your baubles are beautiful - would not mind somethin like that (but smaller) for my Trollbead bracelet. Lovely... Anna x


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