Thursday 19 December 2013

Christmas Stockings!

At the weekend I finished the Christmas Stockings I'd hinted at previously!

The fabric was from paper-and-string - a lovely shop, and a lovely blog!  I bought two fat quarters, one of the gnome fabric and one of the red spotty fabric.

I used the free pattern and tutorial from here.  It was a great tutorial with a printable pattern.

I lined them with some light blue polka dot fabric I've had for years...

I couldn't get quite everything I needed out of each fat quarter, so I veered off the pattern slightly, and instead of the cuff being made from the same fabric, the underside of it is in the lining fabric:

Which makes no difference really!

I'm very pleased with them, and glad I pulled my finger out and got them made!

Such fun!


  1. I love them! They really put a smile on your face! Fab little Santas... Anna x

  2. Such fun and VERY pretty. Merry Christmas!

  3. They look brilliant, well done you. :o)

  4. What can I say. Spot on. I must try that template you used, although the thought of lining fabric scares me. Does not compute with my brain, but I'll give it a go :)

    xx A

  5. Aww they are super cute and I love that they are not too in your face christmassy. Well done!

  6. They're adorable! I love your fabric choices too. :)
    Leanne x

  7. These are fabulous!! You did an amazing job, they're precious!

  8. Beautiful. I am sure that Santa will love filling these stockings. The dots and gnomes combo looks great, and I think that the blue dotty fabric under the cuff adds to the design (in my humble opinion!). Happy Christmas. xx

  9. The stockings are beautiful!

  10. Such lovely stockings. I do hope that Santa fills them generously! Merry Christmas.
    Jille x

  11. What fabric did you use? Cotton? They are gorgeous and I really like that they don't look thin

    1. Thanks! Yes, it was just cotton. Because they are lined it gives an extra layer to stop them being too thin.


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