Saturday 7 December 2013

Christmas Tree

The Lumberjack arrived home this week with a tree he acquired during his roamings in the New Forest...

Today we bought some bits and bobs to decorate it and got it in position - it's pretty big really!

This is the first time I've ever had a real tree, and now it's in place and decorated I do like it - but I think a fake one will be more manageable in future.

(I've tucked that left-hand stray end of blue tinsel around a bit since seeing these pictures!)  My decorating style is pretty haphazard really - shove it all on!

Here's a picture from a few weeks back - I baked some little blueberry muffin/cake things, and look at the blanket!  (It hasn't been touched for ages now - I've been slaving on a present for my nephew... to be revealed in time...)

That's all for now...


  1. I adore real trees but with little ones I can't handle the stress!
    The blanket looks fab

  2. Your tree looks beautiful, absolutely stunning! xx

  3. Your tree looks enormous! Very very pretty though. We have a fake one, not as gorgeous but far easier to manage.

  4. What a charming, beautiful tree! It really is a perfect picture (and love the colour of your fireplace...). Chrissie x

  5. Looks beautiful with the fire going! It is nice with the tree up. Oh and the blanket, I was gonna ask you about it. Very nice. But as you say there are always things that cuts the crafting queue...
    Anna x

  6. Oh why am I not surprised at the colours on your tree. So lush! It looks absolutely beautiful Maria. I think you know by now how much I love co-ordination and you hit the nail on the head - haphazardly or not. We used to get real trees when I was younger and I must say there's nothing like the smell of a real tree.

    xx A


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