Saturday 9 April 2011

Sunshine and Hearts

I am quickly fitting this into a window of spare time!  I need to get ready to go out again, but I thought I'd better update with the latest, as I didn't have chance yesterday.

The weather is so beautiful at the moment, so I knew that when Rohan got home from work yesterday he would want us to go straight to the park.  (He loves the sun!)  On a Friday I get home before him, so I quickly cut out some bits for a new project and bagged up all the sewing bits I would need ready to take down to the park.  Sure enough, he burst through the door desperate to get straight down there!

It was lovely, and so warm!  We spent a couple of hours with our folding chairs and picnic blanket, beers for him, a blue WKD for me (yes, I still drink alchohol designed for teenagers!) and I got to work on my latest idea.  Here it is - a stuffed felt and fabric heart:

I love it!  (Even if I do say so myself!)

Other than that, the fabric-covered magnets are now in my Folksy Shop - click here to see them.

A little taster for you - this is one of the five pictures I used:

Gotta rush!  Bye for now...

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