Thursday 21 April 2011


I turned the crocheted ball from yesterday into...

...a very cute little penguin!

You've just gotta love him!  (Well, I do!)

I attempted to make my Easter tree last night, and failed miserably!  I just cannot get branches that look right.  It is probably my poor ability with anything plant/flower like - even putting some branches in a vase is too much for me!  I MUST get it sorted tonight, ready for the Easter bank holiday weekend - I need my felt eggs displayed!


  1. That's worked really well and is very cute. Have wanted to try this for ages as I would like to combine crocheted beads with my felt beads but haven't found the time.
    I'm guessing bunting for the felt flower... will have to wait for your ta-dah post!
    Becky x
    P.S. I compress all my photos and it doesn't seem to affect the quality at all - your recent pics are all very clear.


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