Wednesday 27 April 2011

Funky Cafetiere Cosy

Another lovely day today.  I spent the morning working on the project I mentioned yesterday, and finished it.  I didn't end up having a shower and getting dressed until 1pm!  I kept thinking I'd just finish this little bit first, then I'd start on another bit, and ended up just carrying on until it was done!

This is what I started with:
Bits of cut-out fabric (on my spotty ironing board)

 I added some wadding and put it all together to make this:

Funky Cafetiere Cosy!

Button fastening

Funky flowers!

A cafetiere cosy has been on my Craft To Do list since last year.  I first planned to crochet one, then I thought I'd make one out of felt, then I decided to use fabric.  (So fickle!)  Well, after thinking about it for months, I have finally made it!

I sewed the spotty fabric to the top and bottom of the flowery fabric to make the front of the cosy - I love the two fabrics together.  There is wadding in the middle, and the back of the cosy is made from the spotty fabric.  I also used that to make the two button fasteners, and I covered two self-cover buttons with it to make some matching buttons!  I'm very pleased with the end result!

Although, heaven forbid a drop of coffee gets on it, after my hard work!!!

Once I finished the cosy, I got showered and dressed, and went out for a delicious afternoon tea with some friends (thanks to some discount vouchers!)  Now that is the life! Tea and cake in a luxurious setting!  That's the kind of life I should be living every day!!  ;o)

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  1. Gosh, I'm glad its not only me that can't stop to get dressed when I'm on a roll - makes me feel very guilty though!
    I love the cafetiere cover - very pretty and spotty - almost to pretty to use!
    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment - i shall be back to browse more of your lovely blog.


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