Saturday 23 April 2011

Easter Tree and Excitement!

Well, yesterday was a WONDERFUL day (some crafty excitement happened!).  Of course the weather was amazing - we pottered about a bit getting some things sorted at home, popped into town for some bits and bobs, and then spent the afternoon in the park in the sunshine.  I cannot get over how hot it is for April - it felt like we were in Spain or something!

I also spent time admiring my Easter tree whenever I was in the flat!  It is a happy little tree!

I just love that pink polka dot jug vase too - I managed to get the last one in Sainsburys on Thursday evening.  I had to have it - it's so pretty!

I seemed to be rather useless at arranging the branches, and after trying various options I bought some artificial blossom sprays from Wilkinsons, after seeing cupcakejojo's Easter Tree using them.  I think they work really well!

My tree is decorated with eight handmade felt eggs, which I have been making over the last month or two.  I also added pretty bright feathers to it.  These feathers were given to me by my lovely Swedish friend (hi!) as it is a Swedish tradition to have Easter trees with feathers on - I think it's a great tradition!  I love the bright colours!

Well... now on to the 'Excitement' part of my post title... I have won a giveaway!!!!!  I entered a giveaway at Sew Special Bears and I have won the 'crafty stuff' prize!!!  I should receive a selection of crafty bits and pieces!  This is the first giveaway I have won, and I am so excited!!  When I read her post showing 'Dinki Dots' as a winner I couldn't believe my eyes!  I started leaping and dancing around the living room like a demented baboon, making crazy happy noises!!  My boyfriend watched with great amusement!

I will be sure to show you what I get when I receive it!  Aaaahhh, I'm so excited!!


  1. Your Easter tree looks lovely - I too have one of those polka dot vases - they are so lovely. All my Sainsburys had sold out :-( but managed to find one on Ebay - lucky me!!

    Well done on your win - will be in touch about your prize today.

    Have a lovely Easter xxx

  2. I have been eyeing up those jugs at Sainsburys for some time now! Your Easter tree is lovely - love the feathers!
    Becky x

  3. Thanks for the nice comments! I love my little tree! Becky - definitely buy the jug, you'll regret it if they run out! :o) x

  4. Your tree looks gorgeous! And I want one of those jugs too!!!! Hehehehe :)

    Jo x

  5. The tree looks really nice and the feathers work well. Mine is not so good this year. Could not find any good branches but these are really pretty. Worth remembering next time!
    Anna xx


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