Monday 22 June 2020

Yarn Hoop Wall Hanging

I mentioned in the post, My Current WIPs, back in January, that I wanted to finish this wall hanging...

Colourful yarn hoop wall hanging for a baby's nursery

Which, as you can see, I have!  It doesn't look much different from the picture in my WIP post.  In the end I just wetted the yarn to straighten it out.  I left everything else the same.

It is made by attaching two hoops together with yarn, which you can see at the top, incorporating a hanging loop.

I then strung some old beads I had between the two hoops and added a fringe of yarn to the bigger hoop.

Here it is, hanging in Emily's bedroom...

Colourful yarn hoop wall hanging for a baby's nursery

It is made using leftovers from Emily's heart blanket I made for her before she was born.

The idea for this hanging came from my friend Kimberly of Swoon Worthy Blog - she made this sophisticated version which I copied in a less classy fashion!

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  1. I got really swept away by wallhangings on pinterest today...something in the air? Yours is lovely and even lovelier as it is made of the left overs from Emily's blanket. A beautiful make!x

    1. Thank you! Nice to tie in with her blanket. Yes, there is something about wall hangings I think! x


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