Thursday, 25 April 2019

Filet Heart Crochet Baby Blanket

With 10 days until my due date, I have finished the crochet blanket I've been making for the baby!

Cute heart crochet baby blanket

I'm so pleased with it!

Cute heart crochet baby blanket


I have amalgamated two patterns to make this.

Heart Squares
The pattern for the heart squares is the Christmas Cheer Heart on Ravelry.

I started each square with a chainless foundation row of dc (US)/tr (UK) instead of a chain row and then the first row of dc/tr.

Instead of the white round in the pattern, I have finished each square with a round of sc (US)/dc (UK) in the same colour as the square.

Cute heart crochet baby blanket

I used the Continuous Flat-Braid Join by The Patchwork Heart.  I love the effect this join gives!  I could either do the join straight into the squares, or border each square with a round of sc (US)/dc (UK) in the joining colour (white).  I chose to do that as it gave the look I wanted.  Although, unfortunately it meant I needed to sew in 2 extra ends per square - that was 70 ends!!  Worth it in the end, though!

Cute heart crochet baby blanket

Once the squares were joined, I simply went round the whole blanket with hdc (US)/htr (UK).  I worked two into each loop around the edge.  Then when it came to the joins between squares, I worked dc (US)/tr (UK) as they were slightly lower than the rest of the loops - to bring them up to the same height.  I also worked five stitches into those joining sections - two into each loop and one into the middle over the crossing of the loops.  (This will make more sense if you have crocheted this flat-braid join and have it in front of you!)

I contemplated doing more with the border, but decided I was happy as it was.  I think it's a simple edging that finishes the blanket off nicely.

Cute heart crochet baby blanket

The yarn I used is King Cole Cottonsoft DK in the below colours:

712 Rose
1600 Buttercup
713 Lilac (I think this is discontinued, but I found it on ebay)
715 Mint
716 Candy (I think this is discontinued but I found it on ebay)
710 White

I used a 5mm hook, as that is my standard for DK yarn, as I'm a tight crocheter.

Cute heart crochet baby blanket


It measures approximately 83cm x 115cm.

What do you think?  I love it!

Check out my completed crochet items here.

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  1. Oh Maria! What a beautiful blanket and how lovely to see it with the cot! And it was definitely worth the 70 extra ends! It looks perfect!x

    1. Thanks Anna - it's come out really well! I'm glad I made the 70-end choice! xx

  2. Do not under stand a chain less start your blanket is very color full which I like for babies. Need to do this for the mama's who are having babies in my church. There are at least 5.

    1. You can google chainless crochet foundation rows, but it is not essential to use this - it is just my personal preference. It will look just as good with a chain start and crocheting into the chain! I hope you had fun making this for the mamas in your church.

  3. Hermoso gracias por compartir me gustarĂ­a ver el tutorial para hacerlo gracias

  4. Thank you so much for the pattern! Love it! Tried to share a picture but it won’t let me!


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