Thursday 30 January 2020

My Current WIPs

I thought I'd do a round up of the projects I'm currently working on.  It might focus my mind and inspire me to complete some!

The most recent one I've started, I'm making pretty good progress with.  My second Peek-a-Boo baby blanket (see my first one here) for a pregnant friend...  [EDITED TO ADD:  See completed item here.]

Beautiful peek-a-boo crochet baby blanket

There is some yarn hoop art on the go, for Emily's room, to co-ordinate with the crochet blanket I made her...

Yarn wall art and crochet baby blanket

I want to straighten the yarn and make it neater.  I might also trim it into a sharper V.  Maybe it needs something else too... I'm not quite sure!  [EDITED TO ADD:  See completed item here.]

I have also been working - very slowly and intermittently - on a Monsoon Stole in a Scheepjes Whirl.

Beautiful crochet monsoon stole

I love this pattern, and I love this whirl, so I really need to get this done so I can see the final result!

I started a bit of paper craft in the summer, with a kit from Mollie Makes for a paper flower wall hanging.  Its been left untouched for far too long!  [EDITED TO ADD:  See completed item here.]

Paper flowers

Even older are these crochet face pads...

Crochet face pads

I planned to make a whole host of them, but only got as far as two before Emily was born!  I'm going to need a lot more to be able to replace cotton wool pads for cleaning my face.  Must get on that!!

Now the next WIP is quite annoying, as I actually finished knitting it in August 2018!  It is the Rosewater Shawl...

Knitted rosewater shawl

It's not annoying in itself - the annoying thing is that it's been this long and I still haven't blocked it!  I need to get it finished as it looks so pretty.  [EDITED TO ADD:  See completed item here.]

The last WIP I can think of is this embroidery...

It's been on the go since 2018 too, and will make a cute little beach hut scisoor keep.  It is actually further along than this picture shows, and probably doesn't need too much work to get it finished.  Another thing I need to get on with and finish!

This is all I can remember right now - although I wouldn't be surprised if there are more languishing in my craft room, amidst the chaos that is that space!

[Edited on 14th Feb 2020 to add...]

I forgot about this knitted peach I'm working on!

Another one to get finished!  [EDITED TO ADD:  See completed item here.]

As I complete these projects I will, of course, post about them.  I'll also link those posts to this one - for a sense of achievement and to satisfy any curious readers coming across this in the future!

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  1. Where can i find the heart blanket at the top of the page i would love to be able to do that

    1. Hi - if you go to this link you can find out all the pattern details:
      Glad you like it!

  2. I love the hoops! I would not trim it into a v-shape. The danger is it gets uneven and you keep cutting and cutting ending up with one of those really short stubby fringes... Looking forward to see your Monsoon Stole! x

    1. That is a really good point! I think I will leave it natural! x


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