Thursday 6 February 2020

Paper Flower Wall Hanging

Well, following my WIP post, I didn't expect to get something actually finished so quickly.  I must have been inspired, though, and completed my paper flower wall hanging...

Stunning paper flower wall hanging

This was made with the kit that came with Mollie Makes issue 108.  I'm not usually a magazine buyer, but I'd seen this wall hanging on Instagram, and really wanted to make it!  After looking for the magazine in three local shops where I live, to no avail, I had to send my husband out to the shops in his lunch break - as he works in Reading.

After that desperate rush to get hold of the issue last July... it's taken me until February to finish it off!

Stunning paper flower wall hanging

It was quite time consuming, as you had to cut the templates out first, then draw round them onto the coloured paper and cut each shape out.  Then comes all the sticking.  It's quite a fiddly business - but I'm very pleased with the outcome!

Stunning paper flower wall hanging

Hopefully I'll have more finished items to show you soon!

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  1. Isn't this sweet! I like the idea of paper craft, but I am not neat enough. Well done!x


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