Thursday 30 October 2014

Olaf Pumpkin - Happy Halloween Eve!

My very UN-crafty (or so she claims!) sister-in-law has been pumpkin carving... 

A pumpkin Olaf from Frozen (I really must watch this Frozen film everyone is talking about!)  Roon (what I call her, not her christened name - her parents aren't insane) has absolutely no interest in partaking in any crafting activities until it comes to Halloween - then she pulls it out of the bag with elaborate pumpkins!

Love it!  We decided it needed to go on the blog - it is most worthy!  Surely I can get her to join in with other crafts, surely, surely?!  She's clearly got the talent!!

The Lumberjack and I carved up our pumpkin tonight... here you go...

... and I'm meant to be the creative one!  Ahem!

Have a happy Halloween - I'm hoping for some leftover sweets once the trick-or-treaters have had their fill!


  1. Wow that's pretty impressive, my contribution to the Halloween decs was a crochet garland and my nephew carved a pumpkin for us when he visited today. Happy Halloween
    Clare xx

  2. Your sister-in-law should not be describing herself as 'un-crafty'. Her pumpkin is brilliant-so creative! Hope she will get the crafty bug now-I agree with you-she is most definitely a crafter! Happy Halloween!
    Alison xx

  3. Get that girl a blog. She's incredibly creative. I would have never thought to stack pumpkins like a snow man! #Facepalm

    Your pumpkin is just adorable. His face is how I felt last night after work. This year was our first year that we didn't celebrate Halloween, and it will be our last. Come rain or shine, next year I will be wearing all of the costumes and eating all of the chocolate.

    xx A

  4. Wow I am NOT showing that to the kids! Fantastic! We went down the traditional route. And this year we did a zig-zag smile - I thought that was advanced haha! xx

  5. Your SIL appears to be an excellent grade a crafter to me!!! This really is great isn't it. xx

  6. Your sister has an incredible talent! That piece is really worth blogging about, and I’m sure your readers have been drooling over Olaf the Pumpkin! Haha! Anyway, I do hope you’d be able to share more of the crafts you’ve done for the Halloween. Thanks for sharing!

    Ebony Frazier @ Pumpkin Glow


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