Sunday 19 October 2014

Craft Room: Sneak Peek!

Thanks for the lovely comments on the Mini Christmas Sacks in my last post.  I planned to make some more and try out a little something with them, but I've not had chance yet.  (This is why I have to strike while the iron is hot with some ideas, or else I lose momentum or interest!)

And... I've been meaning to say thanks for all the comments on my console table post.  There were such lovely kind messages, not to mention the ones about the Lumberjack which really made me laugh!  I had to keep scampering over to him to read out the latest comment - I think he enjoyed them... ;o)

Ok... so the craft room has been a work in progress for ages.  I've been wanting to get it sorted and show you around, but it's an absolute tip - I am an animal.

One thing that finally happened recently, though, is the addition of the above shelf.  I had bought a cheap unfinished pine shelf from Homebase that cost £5.99.

As you can see from the picture, I bought it a few months ago, when the sun was shining and the flowers blooming!  The day of the picture I primed it.  Then it sat for ages, abandoned and unloved, wondering what it had done wrong... before I eventually got round to spray painting it a couple of weeks ago.

For some reason I was nervous of spray painting, but it turned out to be easy.  I used Montana Gold in Malachite Light.  I've had this for 1.5 to 2 years, but this is the first time I've used it!  I don't have much experience of other spray paints, but I'd say that this went on well and gave good coverage and what seems to be a tough finish.

Once I got started, I was on a roll and sprayed a few other things while I was at it.  A couple of jar lids for buttons...

And a cream butterfly hook that had been hanging around (pardon the pun!) for a while...

It was good to get the shelf up and some bits in place.  My Greengate clock goes perfectly with the colour.  It was originally bought for the bedroom, but as the ticking drove us mad it got kicked out into the craftroom!  I love the birdhouse, which was a present from my brother and sister-in-law last year.  (I'm afraid the birds can't use it - it's all for me!)

You can see above that the shelf had a knot in it.  I could have spent time filling and sanding so that it wasn't noticeable, but I thought it added character (ahem, or could it be I was too lazy???)  The shelf was unfinished, so a bit rough and ready, but that's what you get for less than £6.  I wasn't sure how my spray-painting adventure was going to go, so didn't want to waste too much money!

Overall, I'm very pleased with it!  I love the colour, and it adds a good bit of pretty storage.

Here it is in situ... a strangely angled picture, almost as if someone were trying to avoid capturing copious piles of crap and clutter in the shot, whilst showing off the few pretty bits and bobs!  (Excuse the poor light too, it's tricky snapping straight into the light from the window.)

Now... I really must tidy up that room so I can show you more!


  1. Wow love that colour it's all looking so lovely, I have a little birdhouse like that too in my Summerhouse along with a huge piles of craftamath that needs to be sorted and put away, really must get aroung to that.
    Clare xx

  2. I can't wait to see more, nothing better than a nose around someones craft space! Lovely colour - one of my favourites, and your bits and bobs look so cute on your shelf with character! I have tried to take windowsill photos many times and failed because of the light, and anyway angled shots are always the best! Happy tidying(!) Sam xxx

  3. Your shelf is lovely!! I am off to read the comments on your last post now! xx

  4. Love the pastel colour! Your crafty corner looking so lovely, I can't wait to see more! I try to organize my crafty space as well.. we will see! Have a great monday!:::Silvia

  5. I looks lovely Maria! It is so nice to group your little bits and bobs together. You will have hours of fun in there moving in and then craftig! Cannot wait to see the rest! And what is out of shot does not exist did you not know?! x

  6. Such prettiness! I love the idea of simply spraying that shelf - it looks lovely! And with those pretty jars and clock all coordinating, who will bother noticing any mess in the rest of the room? ;-) Chrissie x

  7. Greetings from Oregon, USA. . . . Heather @ ''Pink MIlk'' provided a link to come visit you and your pretty shelf project. It looks lovely painted like it is. (I know what you mean about being nervous to spray paint something; I was the same way the first time!) Looking forward to seeing more of your Craft Room in the future! Warm Regards, Lisa :-)


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