Monday 27 October 2014

Living More Simply

During the course of this year, I've become more and more interested in minimalism and the idea of living a simpler life.  Less clutter, less chaos, less stress.  I created a new blog - Exploring Minimalism - back at the end of April, but have only recently published my first post.

This won't make any difference to Dinki Dots - I'll still be blogging about my crafty goings on here.  And trying to live more simply won't mean I'll stop being creative (and gathering craft supplies - oops, maybe it should stop the hoarding!)

If you fancy having a read and seeing how I get on then please come on over!  There is only one post at present... but more to come...


  1. Love it. Keep it up as it's encouraging me to not look at my phone so damn much xxxxx A

  2. just popped over, very interesting! Have signed up for more :) xx

  3. I've just had a very enjoyable time rummaging through your gorgeous blog. Minimalism eh? Mmmmmm, not my bag unfortunately. Too much of a collector/hoarder. I'll be back for more though here. Love from your newest follower. xx


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