Tuesday 5 April 2011

Strawberry Delight

I've been trying to get a decent photo of the project I finished last night - a strawberry brooch!  Photography is not my strong point!  I took my camera and strawberry to work and sneaked off to a random windowsill to try to take a picture in the daylight.  No-one was around when I started doing it, but of course the whole office decided to stroll past while I was busy clicking away at a strawberry on a windowsill, looking like a mad person!

I still was not quite happy with the photo, so Rohan is now attempting to get a good photo with his fancy camera and tripod etc... photographing small things is so tricky - especially trying to get decent light on them.  Right, he has finished and here is the long awaited strawberry brooch...



It measures approx 5.5cm tall and approx 5cm wide (at tallest and widest points).  I hope it was worth the wait!  And yes, you will have noticed my Dinki Dots label on the back!  Not quite the same as I showed in my post last week, as I have cut the dots off - they didn't look quite right in 'real life' and also made the label too long.  No harm done, though, it was worth a try!

I am also planning to make this with a magnet on the back, to be used as a fridge magnet, or maybe on a magnetic noticeboard.  I plan to have a strawberry range for sale - magnets, brooches... and other things when I think of them!  (I've got a couple of other ideas, but need to see if they will work first!)

... Quick update to this post - I have now created a Folksy shop, and added my brooch for sale!  I'm not holding my breath that anyone will buy it, but I might as well see what happens.  http://www.folksy.com/items/1605349

1 comment:

  1. Hi Maria,

    I've just looked at your folksy.com I hope you get a lot of interest!! One thing accrued to me, do you think adding words like HAND MADE Etc would get more hits? Rohan did great on photographing it, the bead detail show up nice and clear.

    Love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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