Wednesday 23 September 2015

Happy Scrappy Scarf

Have you heard of Pink Milk's Happy Scrappy Scarf-Along?

Well, I'd been watching on quietly... until I gazed upon this basket of pretty pastel cotton yarn...

I'd taken the bold bright colours out to make my Japanese Flower coasters - so just the pastels were left.  I thought they really would make a pretty happy scrappy scarf!

As I have a deep-rooted fear of random, I knew I had to have a plan.  Fortunately, I'd created an excel colour plan for the stripy blanket I've been making (for the past two years, eek) which also has five colours and looks random, but has a convoluted method behind it!  So I replaced each blanket colour with one of the scarf colours, to get the plan below...

And very excited that made me too!  Time to get to work... I decided to use half-double crochet (half-treble UK)...

I got this far and realised that I wanted to double up the rows I'd decided to do.  I was going to do bands of 1, 2 and 3 rows, but I wasn't happy with how it looked.  I decided to rip it back and start again, with bands of 2, 4 and 6 rows.

I'm much happier with it now, it looks less flimsy if that makes sense (and half the amount of ends to sew in is no bad thing!)...

Loving those colours.  It's pretty addictive, because I keep wanting to finish each colour to see how the next one looks!

Thanks to Heather for organising this, and the great inspiration!  I will be back with progress!

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Thursday 17 September 2015

Japanese Flower Crochet Coasters

As promised, I'm back with the completed set of Japanese flower crochet coasters!

You can find out more about the yarn and pattern in this post.  I went on to make six in total so that I had every colour combination with these three bright cheerful colours.

I am so pleased with them - the colours are just so happy!

I was a bit tempted to make more and turn them into a scarf or shawl or something - but I think I've lost my momentum now... so will keep them as coasters.

Such a satisfying make!

Think that's it with the photos now... got a bit carried away!  Now... what to make next...

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Tuesday 15 September 2015

Washi Tape Picture

Thanks for the lovely comments on my crochet coaster (I've been continuing to reply to your comments on the blog posts) - I have now made six of them, and will be back soon to show you the lot!

In the meantime, I completed an extremely quick project.  I've had the below photo frame for a year or two...

All this time it has been like this, without a photo in it!  I suddenly decided that I had to put something in it - but a washi tape design, instead of a photo...

Dinki Dots Craft: Washi Tape Picture

I simply took out the card that was in the frame, stuck the washi tape to it in stripes, then put it back into the frame.  Very simple and very quick.

I'm not sure whether it looks good or ridiculous, if I'm honest!

Dinki Dots Craft: Washi Tape Picture

Well, surely it's better than it was before!!

I hope to be back later this week with pictures of my completed set of coasters... so check back soon!

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Thursday 10 September 2015

Japanese Flower Coaster

Yes, I have made something at last!

Dinki Dots: Japanese Flower Crochet Coaster

Using those lovely bright Bamboo Cotton colours from my last post, I have made a Japanese Flower coaster.  I love it!

The pattern was found and sent to me in a document by my friend Anna over four years ago after I first saw this and fell in love and showed it to Anna!  It's taken me all this time to finally make one flower, so I think a few coasters are a bit more manageable than a whole throw or shawl!  If you'd like the pattern, you can search on Pinterest for 'Japanese Flower Crochet' and there seem to be patterns more easily available these days.

Dinki Dots: Japanese Flower Crochet Coaster

There will be more to come, but I thought I'd show you the first one, as it's been so long since I've finished something!

Dinki Dots: Japanese Flower Crochet Coaster

Hope to be back soon with more of these!

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Friday 4 September 2015

Oh, So Bright and Cheery!

Finally!  I've made a crafty purchase - it's been a long time!

I couldn't resist this zesty green King Cole Bamboo Cotton...

I thought it would add a real zing when used with these bright colours I already had (also King Cole Bamboo Cotton)...

Oh, I just love those colours together!  What shall I make?  I was thinking maybe some colourful crochet coasters?!

I think the green also adds a bit of something when put with a medley of pinks...

So... even though I was stood in my craft room the other day thinking that I really must use up some of these supplies... well, I feel that this addition might just open things up a bit!!  Yes, I'll justify it that way!

Now, I just have to pull my finger out and start making!

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