Friday 22 April 2011

Flower Ta-Da!

Finally!  The flower project is finished, after my distractions!  Thanks for the guesses - it was my little mum who was right (well done Mum!)... it's a needle case:

I had different packets of needles that I have acquired over the years, and I needed one place to put them all.  Now I have it!  There are six squares of felt in the case - 4 blue and 2 lilac (the front and back cover).  Because they are sewn together in sets of 2 it means there are 4 sides that needles can go, without having needles on the front and back.  (If that makes sense!)

It's a practical item, but also pretty!  Maybe not as exciting as some of the ideas - I especially like the flower bunting idea from Becky - how pretty would that be!  That might be something to add to my ever-growing 'Craft To Do' list!  I don't know about anyone else, but I have more ideas than I can ever keep up with!!  Having to sit at a desk all day, when I could be getting on with craft doesn't help either!  (Not that I want to lose my job - then I wouldn't have any money for craft supplies!!)

In other Easter-related news, my Easter tree is done and I'm very pleased with it!  I will try to get some good photos for tomorrow's post - before we toddle off on our way to visit family for Easter (and eat lots - yay!)


  1. Lovely felt needle case. Congratulations on winning the craft prize giveaway by Sew Special Bears! You lucky thing! Look forward to seeing your creations with your new goodies.
    Becky x

  2. Thanks Becky! I couldn't believe I'd won - I'm so excited!! x

  3. I used to feel like that all the years I was working and stuck at a desk - now I'm a home Mum and my head(and many large notebooks!) is still bursting with ideas - never enough hours in the day to do it all!
    The needlecase is very sweet - clever Mum for guessing!


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