Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Embroidered Pincushion

Today was quite exciting as I delivered orders to two friends!  A hanging heart, shown in a previous post, and a set of magnets!

Here are the magnets in a pretty little box I made for them.

I really like how this looks, but I’m having to rethink this idea, as it took far too long to make.  I had to measure, draw out, score, cut out, fold, and stick the box – then do the same again for the lid!  Maybe I would get quicker at making them, but it just doesn’t seem very efficient to spend so much time on packaging, when I could be making things to go in the packaging!  But... I still want them to be presented nicely!  Do not fear... I have come up with a new idea that I think (hope) will work and look good.  There will be a picture when it is ready, if it works out!

My 100 postal boxes arrived today as well – I think they are going to be okay.  I just need 100 orders and I’m set!  Easy... hhmmnn!

For no particular reason, just because I thought about it today, here is a picture of a pincushion I embroidered about three years ago:

It was from a tutorial in a craft magazine - can't remember which one now!  I've never used it as a pincushion, as I thought it was too nice, so it just hangs in the bedroom looking pretty!  (Although, don't look too closely at the pictures, as it had gathered a bit of dust over time that didn't want to come off - poor housekeeping, too busy crafting!!)


  1. Firstly, thank you for the lovely comments you left on my blog. Secondly, you are very talented yourself! I love the heart you made, very pretty. On the subject of boxes, I am exactly the same. Presentation is really important to me too, but like yourself I tend to sell to friends and work colleagues so my things don't often need the packaging!
    Your business cards are really lovely and I would love to know who printed them and if they were very expensive, if you don't mind sharing.
    Becky x

  2. Hi Becky,
    Thanks for your comment!
    I have designed and printed my stationery myself - just on a normal home printer. I'm pleased they look professional, that put a smile on my face! :o)

  3. Hi Maria,

    No wonder it took you a while to make the box! It is so perfect!! You could definitely use that wonderful tag only attached to the card with the magnets on. Anyway just a thought!!

    I see you have a new commenter, Hi Becky.

    Love Mum xxxxxxxx

  4. Mine is also just hanging looking pretty - you are right they are way too fancy to use as pincushions! I like the back of yours - stripes mmm.

    Speaking of boxes - do you remember those we did a couple of years ago? Would they work? Although I think they might take some time to make as well.. pretty though...


  5. They really do look professional, well done you! I hadn't even considered printing them myself but I'm not sure I could get such a lovely finish as you have. Maybe I'll have a go!
    Becky x

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