Monday 25 April 2011

Pennie Pocket

We've had a fabulous relaxing bank holiday weekend!  We went to visit Rohan's parents on Saturday, who live in a pretty little village near Oxford.  Lots of relaxation in the sun, and eating delicious food!  Then straight from there to my parents' house today for an Easter lunch with my family.  Lots more eating of course!  It's all been very lovely, and I still have another week off work - yay!

Here is a picture of a little extra Easter gift I gave to my lovely sister-in-law.  Some mini eggs in an organza bag inside a Pennie Pocket:

I made this back in February after stumbling across this tutorial.  I made this one, then decided to get some pretty spring fabrics to use to make a whole bunch of them, to put Easter treats in for the women in the family.  Well, I kind of lots interest, but my sister-in-law loved this one, so I thought I would give it to her as a surprise!

I hope you all had as lovely an Easter as I did!  If you are anything like me, your belly will now be twice the size it was before the weekend!  I've still got a mountain of chocolate eggs to get through too - oh, what a hardship!!!

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