Saturday 16 April 2011

Happy Anniversary

I've just got back from a trip with my family - we had Friday off work (yay!) and spent a night down in Wales.  We spent some time in Abergavenny, and visited Cosmeston Medieval Village.  We also had a really delicious meal out at Bali Thai last night, for my parents' wedding anniversary - the nicest Thai I've ever had!  Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad!

Here is the anniversary card I made for them (lilac/purple is my Mum's favourite colour) - the pictures were taken the other evening, when it was a bit dark - so not the best photos.

And here are a couple of the photos I took in Abergavenny yesterday:

It was very pretty!  I really like that second photo - just something about it I like!


  1. Wow! You were just up the road from me! I live in Cwmbran about 10 miles down the road :)

    Abergavenny is a beautiful part of the world. Im doing a craft fair there on Bank Holiday Monday. Its a shame you couldnt be here then!


  2. Can't believe I was so close to where you are! Shame it was a week early, it would have been great to have been able to come and see your stall at the craft fair!

  3. I know! Never mind, I'll post photos on my blog like I have with the other one anyway :)


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