Wednesday 25 September 2013


Thanks for all the responses on my blanket colour dilemma!  I will update on that in my next post, as I've been a bit distracted with a lovely break away in Swanage with the Lumberjack!

We had a great time - above is a vase we bought as a souvenir of our holiday.  (It looks better in real life actually - the photo looks a bit dreary)

We took the steam train to Corfe Castle...

One day, after a misty walk...

...from Worth Matravers to Winspit...

...and back again, we visited a lovely tearoom in Worth Matravers...

... and rewarded ourselves with a delicious Dorset cream tea!

Scrumptious!  That tearoom was probably my favourite bit of the break, it was just lovely.  It had a pretty garden too, and even the toilet was nice, with vintage tin signs hung up in it.

Well, I won't bore you with any more holiday pictures!  I'm still off work until Monday (yay!) so hopefully next time I will have more crafty things to show you...

For now - it's time to clean, tidy, and go to the supermarket, as I have friends coming round this evening for food and a catch up.  I've made a coffee cake for the occasion, but I'm struggling to make myself do the housework!  (Anyway, you shouldn't have to have an immaculate home for friends - it's not natural!  But I guess I should definitely sort out the food part of the proceedings - it's unfair to starve them, a cake can only go so far...!!)

Saturday 14 September 2013

Blanket Colours - Opinions?!

Hi all!  Thanks for the kind comments on my last post about my dresser makeover!  Very much appreciated.

I am really feeling the need to crochet myself a stripy cotton blanket.  My friend Anna has made a few over the years I've known her, and they always feel so soft and lovely.  I'm a bit of a cheapo and usually go for the acrylic yarn... but the time has come - I must make a cotton blanket!  And it must be stripy!  Stripes in cotton yarn just seem to work so perfectly.

So... I am thinking of some colour ideas, based on yarn I've found online.  I wanted to do bluey colours - but I thought of perhaps adding some richness and warmth with a cherry colour:


What do you think?  Or... I remove the cherry:


Next to each other for comparison:

I can't decide - they both have their plus points.  Let me know what you think!

For either option I might change the order of the stripes - for example, colours 2 in a different order:

Or I could go with random stripes.  (Well, when I say random - they order of the colours would jiggle about through the blanket - but they would be carefully planned and charted before I start!)

Anyway... the order doesn't really matter, I'm getting carried away - it's more the colour choice at this point.

So, what do you think - 1 or 2?!

Sunday 1 September 2013

Dresser Makeover!

Thanks all for the lovely comments on my last post - really appreciated!  Here is a little bit more progress in the living room - a dresser makeover...

We acquired a free pine dresser from someone we know who was moving and wanted to
get rid of it.  (I always wondered how people manage to get lucky enough to get bargain dressers to do up - and this time it was me!!)

It had a few knocks and dinks, and some missing knobs...

But we sanded, primed and painted (and were well fed up of it by the end!) and this is the result:  (Unfortunately the light was a lot better when I took the before pictures - and it was in the conservatory - so they are a lot warmer and brighter - typical)

We used Laura Ashley eggshell in cotton white:

We thought it was more of an off-white than it looks when painted, but we still like it!

We bought these lovely porcelain knobs off ebay for it...

(All piles of rubbish have been moved out of the way for these photos - in fact the whole table complete with it's covering of junk has been moved out of the shot!)

Then it was time to fill the dresser...

I'm sure I'll keep moving the arrangement around!

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