Friday 19 June 2015

Book Reviews - May

My book reviews are getting later and later each month.  I know I spoke last time about possibly not continuing, but I wanted to review this months books as they were so good!

Dark Places
- Gillian Flynn

Back in February I read Gillian Flynn's first book - Sharp Objects - which was very dark and very good.  Her second book - Dark Places - is just as dark and twisted!  I was hooked from the very first line.

The book flits between today and about 25 years ago when violence struck the Day family, and delves into the truth of what happened on that blood-soaked night.  If you want a bright, happy, cheery read, then keep away!  It's definitely not a feel-good book.  I loved it, though - it kept me intrigued and interested throughout.  I highly recommend it.

Before I Go To Sleep

- S J Watson

I'd seen a trailer for this at the cinema, but never got round to watching it.  However, I realised the film was based on a book so bought the book.  Ooooh, this was really good too!  Not as disturbing and twisted as Dark Places, a bit nicer to read despite being a bit of a thriller and having some scary and tense moments.

Something has occurred in the main character's past to cause her to have amnesia.  Every morning she wakes up not knowing where she is or what has happened, and anything she learns during the day she forgets again when sleeping that night.  I won't give anything away, but it is such a good book.  A real page-turner, I couldn't put it down!  Really loved this - definitely read it!  I want to see the film now.

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Wednesday 3 June 2015

All Tea Towels

You may have heard of All Tea Towels who sell the most lovely range of tea towels.  There are so many designs, it's difficult to choose your favourite!

Al of All Tea Towels kindly offered me two of their tea towels, and after much pouring over the website I picked the below (pictures courtesy of their website - click on images to be taken to the items):

You may remember that my kitchen was renovated last year, but I'd still been using my old tea towels.  It's now great to have a couple that go nicely with the kitchen!

I think they work well.

And I especially like how this one goes with the colours in my print above the shelves...

I've had them a few weeks now, as I wanted to use and wash them before reviewing for you.  So...

Design - as you can see it is a definite thumbs up for design!

Dryability - they dry items well and are a smooth fabric, rather than fluffy, so don't leave fluff all over your dishes.

Washability - they wash well.

Size - they are a good size, quite a bit bigger than the cheap tea towels I was using previously.  This gives you more to dry with!

Customer Service - Al was ever so friendly and helpful and delivery was very prompt indeed.

To conclude, I can most definitely recommend All Tea Towels.  Go check them out, as there are bound to be lots of designs you'll love!

Disclaimer:  I have received a complimentary pair of tea towels for the purpose of this review.  All pictures, words and opinions are honest and my own.

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