Wednesday 24 February 2016

Baby Blanket Progress

I've been making a bit of progress with the baby blanket mentioned in my last post...

I love the turquoise and sunshine colour - but am not convinced on the grey.  I like the combination and think it's quite modern and trendy - but after the bright turquoise and sunshine, I'm thinking a bright red might actually look great for a cheery baby blanket!

I've only done a couple of grey rows, so I'll do a little more to see what I think.  But it might end up being ripped back - watch this space!!

In other news, I've actually managed to get some amaryllis to flower...

I'm definitely not green-fingered, so this feels like some kind of miracle to me!

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Tuesday 16 February 2016

Baby Blanket Plans

One of my oldest friends is having a baby at the end of April, so - of course - I had to make her a baby blanket!

They haven't found out the gender of the baby - so I had the challenge of picking gender-neutral colours.  Whether any colour should be gender specific is a whole other topic of conversation.  Whether is should be blue for a boy, pink for a girl... that's opening a can of worms I don't feel like opening right now!

Regardless of this, my friend isn't really a pastels and pink kind of girl, so even if she is having a girl and had found that out, I wouldn't have gone for pinks anyway.

Therefore I have picked what I hope to be modern bold colours that would work for a boy or a girl, and that I think would fit my friend's preferences.

I've bought Stylecraft Special DK in Turquoise, Grey, Sunshine and White and am planning a stripy blanket with a border I am yet to decide on.

I generally take forever to finish anything, and I've started this fairly late... so I'd better get a move on!  I will be sure to show you my progress...

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Sunday 7 February 2016

V-Stitch and Those Pesky Ends!

I've started work on a colourful new crochet project in a stitch I've never tried before... v-stitch.

Dinki Dots - V-Stitch Crochet

I love it - so easy but so effective!

But changing colour EVERY row causes the inevitable plethora of ends to sew in...

Dinki Dots - V-Stitch Crochet

Two ends for each row... argh.  I have decided to make a start on sewing them in and will not continue crocheting until they're all done.  Then I'll force myself to deal with them after each row.  It's got to be better that way - as hard as it is to resist the urge to add just another row, and another, and another... and leave the ends till later.  Future Maria will thank me for this discipline!

What's it going to be...?  Well, you'll have to wait and see!

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