Wednesday 30 November 2022

Cake Toppers with the Cricut Joy

Goodness me - I've not posted since January, and it's now December tomorrow!  This is by far the least I've ever blogged since starting my blog back in 2011!

It seems that having a second child has had a big impact on my crafting - it is so difficult to fit it in around working part-time and looking after the children, and being very tired from the lack of sleep I'm still suffering from!

But something I did make - back in May and June - were some cake toppers for Emily and Max's birthday cakes.  I designed them in Cricut Design Space and cut them out of gold card with the Cricut Joy.

Cricut Cake Toppers

The shiny gold of the card shows better in the pictures below, on the cakes!

Cricut Cake Topper

Cake making and decorating really isn't my forte, so excuse this rough and ready cake!  Emily loved it, which is the main thing - she adores rainbows!  (I bought all the decorations apart from the "Emily is 3" topper I made.)

Max's topper was the same but with his name and age.  For both toppers I cut them out twice, with one a mirror image of the other...

Cricut Cake Topper

I then glued them together, so that both sides of the topper were gold.  I stuck the toppers to a wooden stick thingy, tied some ribbon into a bow around the stick, and jabbed them into their respective cakes!

Cricut Cake Topper

Another very simple scruffy cake!  Candles were added to the cakes after these pictures were taken.

I do enjoy making things with the Cricut Joy, in the rare moments I get to use it.  There is so much potential that I will hopefully get chance to explore more at some point!

I have very recently completed a couple of other projects - a crochet one and a sewing one!  I will try to take reasonably decent photos, in the dim light we have this time of year, and will share them soon - so watch this space!

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