Thursday 7 April 2011

Fabric Covered Magnets

Now, this is a project I've had in the pipeline for a little while now!  I've previously given you a glimpse of my fabric covered buttons and pins.  There will be more to come from them at some point!  I plan to make some more pins and get some good photos so I can put them in my Folksy shop for sale.

Fabric covered magnets are a part of my whole fabric-covered button craze!  This time the buttons are bigger, and they have a... you guessed it... magnet!

Here is a pink set of six:

And here is a shot of more of the selection:

They have a diameter of 23mm and a magnet on the back.  They can be used as fridge magnets, or on magnetic notice-boards.

I'm going to be selling these in my Folksy shop, in sets of six, so I need to make some more different ones, and take some better photos.  I also need to decide whether to:

1)  Create different sets of six for customers to pick from,
2)  Show a photo of the whole range and when (if!) I get orders, send a random selection of six,
3)  Show the whole range and let the customers pick each magnet for their set of six.

Decisions decisions!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Maria,

    Magnets look great, so cheerful!!!
    I think that people would have some idea in their head of the colour, pattern and size etc, so maybe option 3

    Love Mum xxxxxxx


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