Monday 11 April 2011

Postal Box Madness!

We had a lovely day yesterday.  We walked in the sunshine to a nice country pub with a beer garden, to have lunch.  Then walked back, stopping in the park for a bit.  It was full of people enjoying the day – such a nice atmosphere!  I’ve been quite tired today, though, as we stayed up late watching some golf Masters thingy.  I say ‘we’, but I had no interest in it at all... instead I was busy researching postal boxes on the internet for posting my orders in.  Amazing how much time can be spent on that kind of thing!

After MUCH searching, I found what I hope will be suitable.  Unfortunately I’m always on the quest for good value, so I got a bit carried away.  I started thinking that I’d get 10 to start off with and see how things go with trying to sell my creations.  But the more you buy, the better value they are.  So I thought maybe 20 would be better... then, well it’s better value to get 50!  Then, well it isn’t that much more for 100 really when you think about it...!!  So, yes, I ordered 100 postal boxes!  What was I thinking?!  (This is what happens when I make decisions late at night!)  The only orders I’ve had so far are from friends, so I don’t even need to post them!  Well, it’s good to be prepared.  I just hope they aren’t too small for my needs... I checked the measurements, but sometimes it’s hard to visualise without seeing the actual box.  Let’s hope I haven’t just spent a load of money on some unsuitable postal boxes, for my non-existent orders!  :o)

Although, talking of orders, one of my friends has asked for the hanging heart I made on Friday, which is great!  I’ve made some Thank You cards to go with orders, so I will get to use one!

The hearts are still available to order through my Folksy shop, though, as I will be making more.

I’ve also had a request for some fabric-covered magnets from a friend at work!  I’ve been working on the packaging for the magnets, so I will have a picture to show you tomorrow.

One last thing - not sure if anyone noticed, but I have changed my logo slightly!  Same general idea, but a different font – I much prefer it!


  1. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Am so glad you have popped over cos I have love love LOVED reading your blog.

    We're at very similar stages with our "crafty businesses" so good luck to us both!

    x x

  2. Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed reading my blog, that is really encouraging to hear!

    Definitely good luck to us both! :o)


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