Saturday 21 November 2015

Fabric Advent Calendar

I mentioned earlier this year that I broke up with my ex back in June.  Since then I've started going out with someone new (ooh, exciting!) and decided to make him an advent calendar.  (No, he's not 7 years old - I just thought it would be fun and thoughtful... and he is a bit of a big kid at heart!)

What I didn't anticipate was quite how difficult it was going to be.  There are so many easier ideas for advent calendars - if you feel like doing one, I recommend the easy route!  But I got this vision in my head, and just had to try to make it.  It took a long time as I was trying to figure out how to do it as I went along.  (Check out my Advent Calendar Pinterest board for other ideas.)

I can't even begin to work out how many hours I put into it, and how often I cursed myself and my stupid ideas... but when it was done I was glad I'd made the effort!

It's a big old thing too - about 55cm x 111cm.  And when it's full of gifts it's pretty heavy!!

It's quite difficult to photograph, due to its size and the terrible light this time of year - the colours in the first picture are the most accurate.  It's just laid on the carpet at the moment, for these pictures, but I will be hanging it on the wall with command hooks.  (I hear good things about them, and hope they'll do the trick without ruining my paintwork!)

A bonus of the project was that it cost me nothing to make (not including the presents of course) - I used red upholstery fabric I'd been given as someone no longer needed it.  For the pocket borders I used fabric I already had which had been awaiting a Christmassy project since last year.  I already had the white felt which I used for the numbers.  Each of those was cut out by hand and hand-sewn on!  I found the hand sewing the only relaxing part of the project actually - whereas I thought it would drive me mad having to stitch on so many numbers!

I think I'm going to be more excited than him when it comes to the present openings...

What do you think - was it worth the effort, or should I have just bought a standard chocolate one from the shops and saved myself all that time?!

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