Thursday 7 February 2019

Baby Blanket Beginnings

I planned to post more frequently, but time has got away with me.  We have been trying to get our new house in order before the baby gets here, and everything takes much longer than you think and costs more than you anticipate!

The nursery is finally getting there, though - not too much more to go and we should hopefully have one lovely finished room amongst the rest of the chaos!  (Which also means we will be able to put some of the baby stuff in there, rather than it being scattered willy-nilly around the rest of the house!)

When I get chance, amongst all the DIY, I have been working on a pretty little baby blanket for our expected new arrival...

Pretty filet crochet heart baby blanket

It's going to be made up of these pretty filet crochet heart squares, all crocheted together.

Pretty filet crochet heart baby blanket

Above are the five colours I'm using.  I've got a back-up sixth colour, depending on how many squares I get out of each ball of yarn I'm using!

The pattern is the Christmas Cheer Heart on Ravelry.  I have changed it slightly by starting with a chainless foundation row of dc (US)/tr (UK) instead of a chain row and then the first row of dc/tr.  Instead of the white round, I have finished each square with a round of sc (US)/dc (UK) in the same colour as the square.  I may add another row of white sc/dc as part of the joining, as I plan to join in white... but we'll see when I get there!

Pretty filet crochet heart baby blanket

The yarn I'm using is King Cole Cottonsoft DK in the below colours: - You can buy some of these colours from Love Crafts*.

712 Rose
1600 Buttercup
713 Lilac (I think this is discontinued, but I found it on ebay)
715 Mint
716 Candy (I think this is discontinued but I found it on ebay)

I am using a 5mm hook, as that is my standard for DK yarn, as I'm a tight crocheter.

Pretty filet crochet heart baby blanket

I have made 22 squares so far, with my current aim being 35 squares.  I've also nearly sewn all the ends in - there are just four squares hidden amongst these with ends awaiting!

I'll be back to show you any further progress I make on this... hopefully I'll get it done before the baby arrives!

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