Sunday 22 January 2023

My Current WIPs - January 2023

I really want to try to finish some WIPs (works in progress) that have been languishing for quite some time!  There seem to be so many projects I start and never finish.

Here they all are - unless I've forgotten some!

The first three I posted about in a previou WIP post in January 2020 - three years ago!  These are the three that are still outstanding from that post - really should finish them!!  You can read my comments about them in that post.

Monsoon Stole

Beach Hut Scissor Keep

Crochet Face Pads

Now onto ones started since that last WIP blog post...

Natica Cowl

You read more here.  I love this yarn and pattern, so need to get going with this again!

Lion Crochet Cushion

I started this not long before Max was born.  It is supposed to be a lion cushion for his bedroom.  I didn't have too much of a plan, but I would like to get it finished, as I think it could be quite cute!


This one is quite exciting!  I bought a new sewing machine last March and started sewing a quilt!  I had a jelly roll of strips of coordinating fabric, and I started sewing them together in groups of three.  I did the five you can see below, then stopped.  It's hard to get the time with the children, but I really love the patterns and colours and would be so pleased to get this finished!

Notions Pouch

I bought the pattern to make this notions pouch by Indigo Bird Design and cut out my fabric ready to go - I just need to find time to sew it up!  Below are my fabric choices...

Pink Knitted Chartres Cardigan

Another exciting one - I've started knitting the Chartres Cardigan by Ami Lowden.  This will be my first knitted item of clothing, if I ever finish it!  I really want to wear it, so need to get a move on!

Lots of fun lovely projects!  I really hope to get some of these finished this year.  I will be sure to post about them when/if I do!


  1. Nice!! thankyou.



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